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Melrose Place (1992)

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Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998)

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Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars (2004)

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Lopez vs. Lopez (2022)

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American Horror Stories (2021)

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Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Paul Rust, Jenny Slate, Dulcé Sloan, and Aparna Nancherla in The Great North (2021)

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The Middle (2009)

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Harry Loves Lisa (2010)

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Personal details

  • Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin
  • 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
  • July 11 , 1963
  • Newport Beach, California, USA
  • Harry Hamlin March 29, 1997 - present (2 children)
  • Children Delilah Hamlin
  • Parents Lois Rinna
  • Nancy Rinna (Half Sibling)
  • Other works TV commercial for Taco Bell
  • 1 Interview
  • 6 Pictorials
  • 7 Magazine Cover Photos

Did you know

  • Trivia Suffered postpartum depression after the birth of her two daughters.
  • Quotes I love my shoulders; they're strong. I like the way they move, and I like the way they look in clothes.
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The Untold Truth Of Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna posing

Lisa Rinna is as unforgettable as her signature hairstyle, her "Own It" catchphrase and her ability to dish on every bit of drama that doesn't involve her own. She is unapologetically herself, and season after season, she returns as a staple on the "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" franchise to give fans the tea straight from her infamously plumped lips. Her family is well known around the Hollywood Hills, with her husband Harry Hamlin famous for starring in roles on "Mad Men" and her daughters, Amelia Gray and Delilah Belle modeling for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Alexander Wang.

But unbeknownst to some, Rinna made a name for herself long before Bravo started cutting her checks. She hustled hard for her Beverly Hills reputation, earning accolades for her roles on soaps and even performing on "Dancing With The Stars." She's as unforgettable as her head-to-toe leopard outfits, and to quote Rinna — you better believe we're going to talk about it. We're giving you all the juicy secrets of the "Housewives" star, and just like her, we're not holding back. Grab a drink, because we're about to spill this tea. This is the untold truth of Lisa Rinna.

She posed for Playboy when she was pregnant

There are a lot of things women who are six months pregnant with their first child are doing, like buying diapers, taking birthing classes, and preparing for motherhood. If you're Lisa Rinna, you become the first pregnant woman ever to pose naked for Playboy. How about that for milestones? Rinna shocked the world when she stripped down for the September 1998 cover and ten-page spread of the infamous magazine.

In what was dubbed the "mother of all pictorials," Rinna made motherhood the new sexy. She spoke to CBS News at the time about the controversial decision to bare it all. "Not only does it take pregnancy to a new level, it takes Playboy to a new level," Rinna continued, "It shows where we are in society for Playboy to show a woman pregnant and naked."

In true Rinna fashion, her decision to share not one, but two Playboy covers via Instagram couldn't be complete without throwing shade at a former castmate. In 2020 during an episode of " The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills " Kyle Richards commented on Denise Richards' stepped-up glam to which Richards fired back in a confessional "I don't think these b****es know I've been on every f***ing magazine cover you can possibly imagine that they would want to be on." Rinna responded via Instagram writing in a since-deleted post shared by Daily Mail , "Well S**t..... I only got me two of the covers that we'd all want to be on. DANG," wrote Rinna. What's a good "RHOBH" fight without Rinna to throw some serious shade?

She's a soap star

Long before she was holding court as a "Housewife", Lisa Rinna became a household name on "Days of Our Lives" in the early 1990s. The actor played the role of Billie Reed on the soap on and off since 1992, making occasional re-appearances after retiring from her full-time role in 1995. Rinna even came back for the "Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem" a five-episode revival that aired on Peacock in 2021. Whereas "The Real Housewives" franchise might grant flexibility for skipping filming during sick days, "DOOL" was a different story, according to Rinna. "I mean, I would have to be on my deathbed to not show up for work. Like, that is just ingrained in you when you're working as an actor on a soap opera," she told Today .

The celeb isn't the only "RHOBH" star to launch an acting career on "DOOL." Rinna has a serious bond with castmate Eileen Davidson , who is also a star of soaps, appearing for decades on "DOOL", as well as "The Young and the Restless." She also joined Rinna for the "Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem" revival. Davidson told ShowBiz Cheatsheet that she was more than happy to join the series after learning from an Executive Producer that Rinna was a part of it. "[He] followed up with a text and said, 'Oh, by the way, Lisa Rinna is in it.' I was like, 'Oh my God, it's gonna be fantastic.'"

Drake is a big Lisa Rinna fan

There's one achievement that no other "Housewife" can compete with Lisa Rinna on, and it's got nothing to do with acting. Rinna sparked jealousy amongst her castmates of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" when it was revealed in the 2021 season that Drake follows the actor-turned-housewife on Instagram . Much to the surprise of her castmates, Rinna was oblivious about the whole thing. "I mean, I didn't know Drake followed me," she recalled during the episode . "His name is, like, Champagne Papi or something."

Castmate Crystal Minkoff joined the frenzy posting a boomerang from the episode on Instagram and captioning it "Not me feeling disappointed that Drake still isn't following me," she continued "Where you at @champagnepapi??" "RHOBH" Housewife Kyle Richards took it a step further, posting a bikini pic from Mexico and captioning it "Like my hat? #thirstythursday," tagging both Drake and Rinna. Unfortunately for Minkoff and Richards, "Champagne Papi" has yet to follow any other housewife.

She's been in the circus

Lisa Rinna has plenty of drama to juggle on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," which is fitting — since the actor has actually been in the circus. The "Days Of Our Lives" actor is a jack of all trades, and she can even walk the tightrope. She can credit this skill to her time in the early 90s on "Circus of the Stars ." The annual television special was produced by CBS and showcased celebrities performing circus-type acts. In this photo shared by Bravo, Rinna is seen on one foot, balancing on the tightrope.

In a Youtube clip  of the episode, a young Rinna decked out in costume stands atop another performer's shoulders as they both balance on the rope. She demonstrated her ability to climb on her partner's shoulders, and balance on him as he balances on the rope. She also shows off her multifaceted expertise as she rode along the thin rope on a bicycle. Now that is quite the resume, Lisa.

She turned her love of wine into a business opportunity

Lisa Rinna not only throws wine at other castmates on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," she sells it too! After teasing a wine label launch in years past, Rinna posted on Instagram about her new collection. The photo showcases a simple backdrop with the words "RINNA WINES." The "RHOBH" star captioned it, "The new French Wine Collection people will most definitely be talking about. By @lisarinna." Her castmate Dorit Kemsley commented on the post writing "Can't wait Rinna! It's so good!"

Rinna invited her fellow "Housewives" to try out her Rose as well as her Brut on Season 12 Episode 13 . "I'm putting myself in a very vulnerable situation," she explained during the episode. "Because, you know, these b****es could go hard and really tear it apart." But it seems the ladies had plenty of good things to say about the bubbly — or they had on rose-tinted glasses. "Oh my god, that is good," Dorit Kemsley commented during the tasting, while Sutton Stracke added, "This rosé that they've made is perfect for what I like. I like a really pale rosé." Garcelle Beauvais followed up with, "I normally don't like brut, but this is good." 

Rinna Wines officially launched its official page on Instagram and Rinna posted a photo on her own account announcing that Sparkling Brut Rose and Brut are the first to launch from Rinna Wines.

She's not afraid to call out her producers

Lisa Rinna lost her beloved mother and Bravo fan-favorite Lois in 2021, and her grief was relived in an episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Lois was often seen chiming in on various episodes with tidbits of hilarious wisdom, earning her a reputation as a loveable mother and grandmother. "The world loved her and to be able to have shared her with the world is a great gift. I hold that very close to my heart," Rinna shared during the episode.

But Rinna had a lot more to say following the episode's premiere, writing in since-deleted Instagram stories about the lack of grace by Bravo producers for only giving the event one episode. Page Six posted the screenshots where Rinna wrote "Lois deserved and deserves much more," she continued. "Shame on everyone."

That's not the first time Rinna called out Bravo producers. In 2021, the actor shared via an Instagram story that producers missed an opportunity by omitting footage of castmate Ericka Jayne screaming at a member of the production. Screenshots of the since-deleted stories were obtained via Twitter , with Rinna writing "Dang it...I wish they had shown the screaming fight between the producer and Erika last night on the show in La Quinta," adding "Bravo Bravo F***ing Bravo" with three crying laughing emojis at the end. For those not keen on "Housewives" lingo, saying "Bravo" repeatedly during filming is a way castmates have asked producers not to air a scene. Which, to their dismay, usually doesn't work.

She's a great dancer

If you follow Lisa Rinna on Instagram, then you are no stranger to her famous dance moves. The actor frequently posts video clips of her getting groove on, and we can't help but to admit how her moves can put the rest of us to shame. She even posted a clip during a "RHOBH" trip to Aspen where she can be seen dancing in castmate Kyle Richards' daughter's room. Richards poked fun at the post commenting "Alexia's room will never be the same," to which Alexia commented back that the room was changed "for the better."

Rinna certainly has a decorated resume, including being a part of the Season 2 cast of "Dancing With The Stars." The dancer made it almost all the way, being eliminated just before the finale. Rinna's dance partner on the hit show Louis Van Amstel reunited with the housewife on the revival "Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem" where he played the role of auctioneer during the second episode of the series.

She's a huge Harry Styles fan

It's no question that Lisa Rinna is a huge fan of heartthrob Harry Styles . Rinna frequently posts videos dancing to the musician's hit songs, and it seems the feeling is mutual! During the Season 11 reunion episode, it was revealed that Styles is a big fan of the ladies of Beverly Hills, even binging episodes during quarantine. So basically, he's just like the rest of us. "He actually asked some of us for a birthday video," Dorit Kemsley revealed during the episode. In screenshots obtained by Capital FM , the One Direction star can be seen DMing Rinna and wishing her a happy birthday.

Rinna made it clear at the time that she was not a big fan of her daughter Amelia's relationship with much older boyfriend Scott Disick. She opted instead for the fashion model to date the "Watermelon Sugar" singer. "Why can't it be Harry Styles? Why the f*** is it Scott Disick," she revealed during an episode at the time. Well, we'd wonder as well, but it seems Styles is a bit preoccupied cozying up to Olivia Wilde . 

She feuded with the Dubai Housewives

What's better than a feud on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"? A feud that crosses international borders, that's what! Lisa Rinna stepped up her smack-talking game when she called out the new spinoff series "The Real Housewives of Dubai." It all started when "RHOBH" star Diana Jenkins commented on an Instagram post that was making fun of Jenkins, writing "It must be fun being a Black content creator" (via Daily Beast ). On " Watch What Happens Live ," host Andy Cohen asked the only black Beverly Hills cast member Garcelle Beauvais what she thought of the Bosnian-native's comments on the post she replied that Jenkins was "uneducated." When Rinna defended Jenkins in since-deleted comments on Jenkin's Instagram (via Daily Beast), she was called out by fans for being racist. "We fight on our show," she wrote. "If we fight with Garcelle, we are, all of a sudden, called a racist," Rinna continued "If you are just so triggered by our show — and a lot of you pu***es are — go watch Dubai."

Well, the ladies of Dubai didn't receive that comment very well. "RHOD" cast member Lesa Milon tweeted "She does not want this heat, we're not BH .. we will drag her from right up off that doctor's table to the desert!" Supermodel and "RHOD" cast member Chanel Ayan also chimed in tweeting "Rinna Africa called and they want their lips back! Keep Dubai out of your mess and your mouth." Yikes, we love a good "Housewives" dragging.

She was on reality TV once before

Before "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" called, Lisa Rinna had her debut on reality television alongside her long-time hubby Harry Hamlin . Fans may recall the short-lived docu-series "Harry Loves Lisa" which was a six-episode series that premiered on TV Land. What's even more surprising is that former "RHOBH" cast member (and sometimes frenemy) Denise Richards made appearances, as well as current cast member Garcelle Beauvais.

The series was a cheesy take on the ins and outs of family life for Hamlin and Rinna, including parenting their two daughters, visiting psychics, and even marriage counseling. Fans can clearly see the "opposites attract" theme at play during the episodes, with Rinna being vastly different from her "Mad Men" husband. While their reality series didn't last long, their marriage sure stands the test of time! Rinna and Hamlin have been married for over 20 years, and if Rinna's Instagram is any indication, they are more in love than ever before.

She almost didn't do the show

Lisa Rinna joined "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in Season 5, but viewers may be surprised to know that she was almost an OG cast member. According to People , Rinna made the shortlist for the show but was ultimately axed by Bravo ringleader Andy Cohen. "Lisa Rinna had been on so many reality shows, it just seemed like a parody to me," he said. "For me, it needed to be about real women. I didn't think we should have an actress, and I didn't think any of them should be famous."

And while the outspoken "Rinna Beauty" mogul finally made it on the franchise in Season 5, her husband's concerns almost had her turn down the role completely. Rinna spoke to Oprah Winfrey in a preview clip shared by ET  about her husband even threatening divorce if she chose to do the show. "He comes back to me in like two days, and he said, 'You know, I've thought about it, I've done some research,'" Rinna said at the time. "Harry, being a really, really smart businessman himself, said 'It's a good thing, it'll work for you, you should do it.' So I did it." And boy did she. She also launched a successful makeup line and is getting a taste (literally) for the wine market . If Rinna has an idea, she goes for it. The business-savvy housewife doesn't mind if you like her or not, she is going to "Own It" and then sell it to you!

She was on Broadway

Lisa Rinna had already graced the Broadway stage in a lead role long before she was dancing in her underwear to Harry Styles. Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin played the roles of Billy Flynn and Roxie Hart in the classic long-running "Chicago" in 2007. Prior to joining the Broadway cast, Rinna had played the role of Roxie Hart for the national tour production of the famous musical. It's no denying their offstage chemistry was easily transported into the fictitious characters they played, so much so that the pair even extended their Broadway stay a week longer than planned.

Surprisingly enough, Rinna isn't the only Bravo Housewife to play in the hit Broadway musical. Her castmate on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Ericka Jayne,  donned the role of Roxie Hart in 2020, but her run was unfortunately cut short due to covid cancellations.  Kandi Buress of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took on the role of Matron "Mama" Morton in 2018 and Nene Leakes, a former "RHOA" cast member, played the same character in 2015.

She gets a fat check for being on the show

It's clear that Lisa Rinna knows how to market herself. She was a star long before Bravo producers came knocking on her door, so how much is the actor really worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth , Rinna's net worth tops out around $10 million. And while she has multiple businesses to attribute some of that wealth to, Bravo cuts her the biggest check for her role on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." While Bravo doesn't openly discuss salaries, it's reported that Rinna rakes in around $500,000 per season.

The "RHOBH" star has done so well, she's even caught up to her husband in overall net worth. Harry Hamlin had been a prominent member of Hollywood's elite before he met Rinna, with his roles in "Clash of the Titans," and "L.A. Law," the latter landing him three Golden Globe nominations. According to Celebrity Net Worth , he's worth $10 million, making the pair a powerful Hollywood duo with multiple businesses and accolades between them.

She's a college dropout

Lisa Rinna's climb to the top was anything but traditional. While her friends were being shipped off to college, she had different aspirations for her future, and felt she wasn't cut out for school. In Season 10 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Rinna recalled her short-stint at college in conversations with her daughter Amelia. "Here's what happened at Emerson. I got in, and five days in I was so homesick I thought I would die," Rinna recalled. The "Days of Our Lives" star tried getting a degree closer to home, but ended up dropping out entirely at just 18. According to the Los Angeles Times , Rinna quit her university and moved out of her parent's house after being rejected for an acting course. "I just wanted to be famous and was going to do whatever I had to to get there," said Rinna. The actor landed small commercials and modeling jobs, before finally making her way to LA and landing her launching role on "DOOL."

But just because Rinna may have the resources to support her daughters in every way possible, she made it clear she won't be doing them any favors. Rinna threw shade at the college admissions scandal involving Lori Laughlin in Season 10 Episode 2 when she joked with her daughter Amelia. "...because I'm not going to put you on a rowing machine and take a picture of you and say that," Rinna quipped.

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Lisa Deann Hamlin (born Elizabeth Deann Rinna ; July 11, 1963) is an American actress, television personality and model. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives and Taylor McBride on Fox 's television drama Melrose Place . Between 2014 and 2022, Rinna starred on Bravo 's hit reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Other television credits include being a contestant on NBC 's The Celebrity Apprentice and ABC 's Dancing with the Stars , as well as guest-starring roles on series such as Entourage , Veronica Mars , Community , The Middle , and American Horror Stories . Rinna made her Broadway debut in Chicago as Roxie Hart in June 2007. [1]

She was the host of Soapnet 's talk show Soap Talk (2002–2006), for which she earned four Emmy nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host . She also hosted the M&M awards. [2] Rinna has also written three books: Starlit ; The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book ; and The New York Times best-seller Rinnavation . Her other ventures include a fashion line for QVC named The Lisa Rinna Collection, [3] the cosmetics collection Rinna Beauty, and the beverage company Rinna Wines. [4]


' src=

Lisa Deanna Rinna Wikis

Inside Article

Lisa Rinna is one of the most popular actress, author, and TV personality whose first appearance can be traced back to 1990. Since then, she has continued to keep herself mainstream appearing in many TV shows throughout the years. Besides, she is also an author and has written three books, including The New York Times best-seller Rinnavation.

Net worth, salary, and income, married to husband, harry hamlin, family, parents, siblings, body measurements: height. weight, size.

Lisa Deanna Rinna was born in 1963 in Newport Beach, California, U.S. She celebrates her birthday on July 11, which makes her age 56. She holds an American nationality and comes from a mixed ethnicity of Italian, Portuguese, and English. The actress graduated from Medford Senior High School in 1981.

Lisa Rinna is famous among her fans as an actress who started her career at age 22, appearing in a music video for John Pan. She later starred as the girlfriend of Jason Bateman’s character in few episodes of The Hogan Family and, in 1992, made appearance with her most recognized role, Billie Reed, on Days of Our Lives. She has since had many appearances on TV shows such as Robot Wars, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield, Good Advice, and many others.

Lisa Rinna Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Likewise, the actress also has quite an impressive career as a host and even hosted the Soap Talk from 2002 to 2006 for which she had received for Daytime Emmy Award nominations. In 2006 she competed in the second season of Dancing with the Stars only to be eliminated in the seventh round. She later hosted TV Guide Network’s, Live with Regis and Kelly, Merge, and others. She has also appeared as a judge for RuPaul’s Drag Race and participated in many game shows. In 2014, she became a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from the fifth season. She also has made headlines in the fashion world and, in 2012, launched her fashion line, “Lisa Rinna Collection.” As of 2020, the actress, Lisa Rinna, holds a net worth of $8 million.

Lisa Rinna is married to her amazing husband, Harry Hamlin. Her husband is an American actor, author, and entrepreneur and is best known as Perseus in the 1981 fantast film Clash of Titans. Nonetheless, the couple exchanged vows on March 29, 1991, in Beverly Hills, California, and are still together to this very day. The couple’s romance is not dying anytime soon as Lisa makes sure she appreciates her husband on her social media.

Lisa with her husband, Harry Hamlin

Together, Lisa and her husband became parents to beautiful daughters, Delilah Belle, born on June 10, 1989, and Amelia Gray, born on June 13, 2001. Moreover, Lisa also has a stepson from Harry’s previous relationship.

Lisa was born to her mother, Lois, and father, Frank Rinna. Likewise, her family also consists of her sister Nancy Rinna.

Lisa Rinna has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Moreover, despite her age, she still manages to maintain a sleek and curvy body. Her body measures 37-26-37.

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Actress • Personality

Birth name: lisa deanna rinna, birth date: july 11, 1963, age: 60 years old, birth place: medford, oregon, spouses: harry hamlin, children: delilah belle hamlin.


Perhaps best known for the preternatural plumpness of her lips, Lisa Rinna managed to prove that there could be life after ruling briefly as a daytime soap opera diva. Craving the spotlight from an early age, Rinna initially intended to pursue acting after high school but worked as a model for several years instead. Bored with life on the runway, Rinna made the move to Hollywood, eventually joining the cast of the venerable daytime soap "Days of our Lives" (NBC, 1965- ) in 1992 as the volatile Billie Reed, quickly becoming a fan favorite during her short tenure. Four years later, Rinna graduated to primetime, where she chewed the scenery on "Melrose Place" (FOX, 1992-99) as the conniving Taylor McBride. Shortly after joining the primetime melodrama, Rinna married actor Harry Hamlin, best known for his run on the landmark series "L.A. Law" (NBC, 1986-1994). Post-"Melrose," Rinna took on host duties for shows like "SoapTalk" (SOAPnet, 2002-06) and tripped the light fantastic on "Dancing with the Stars" (ABC, 2005- ), culminating with her own reality series "Harry Loves Lisa" (TV Land, 2010). While not boasting one of the more diverse résumés in Hollywood, Rinna secured herself a place in the pantheon of media "personalities," so ubiquitous in American 21st Century pop-culture.

Born Lisa Deanna Rinna on July 11, 1963 in Newport Beach, CA, Rinna later enjoyed a very traditional childhood - she was a Brownie and cheerleader - in Medford, OR with her parents Frank and Lois, who she affectionately described as "artistic types." After graduating from Medford Senior High in 1981, Rinna studied drama at the University of Oregon, but dropped out after her first year when she was denied entry to the advanced acting program. Devastated and disillusioned, Rinna relocated to San Francisco, CA and entered the brutally competitive modeling world, which she navigated until 1987. Unsatisfied with modeling and yearning to perform again she left for Los Angeles to find work as an actor. Appearances on television commercials were quickly followed by her feature debut in "Captive Rage" (1988), a low-budget exploitation title starring the late British thespian, Oliver Reed. Soon after, she landed the recurring role of Annie, girlfriend of Jason Bateman's David on the NBC sitcom, "Valerie"/ "The Hogan Family" (NBC, 1985-1991).

Appearances on "Baywatch" (syndicated, 1989-2001) and several TV movies preceded the role that garnered her national attention - that of damaged stripper/porn star/police detective/government agent Billie Reed on "Days of Our Lives" (NBC, 1965- ). Her role as Billie - the bane of Bo Brady's (Peter Reckell) existence - earned her back-to-back Soap Opera Digest awards in 1994 and 1995. Rinna stayed with the venerable series until 1995, appearing in just one outside project during her entire tenure - the low budget science fiction knockoff "Robot Wars" (1993). Following "Days," Rinna turned up in several TV movies and miniseries, including the Danielle Steel adaptation "Close to Danger" (1995), before moving to primetime with a two-year turn on "Melrose Place" (Fox, 1992-99). As Rob Estes' venomous sister and restaurateur, Taylor McBride, Rinna wreaked havoc on the life of Dr. Peter Burns (Jack Wagner), bringing even bitchier, back-stabbing exploits than usual to the famous address. During this period, Rinna met and fell in love with actor Harry Hamlin, a man still recovering from his abrupt and publicly acrimonious divorce from actress Nicolette Sheridan. The couple married in 1997 and gave birth to their first of two children a year later, coinciding with her departure from "Melrose Place" - but not before a six-months pregnant Rinna appeared nude in Playboy. She posed once more for the magazine as the issue's cover model in May 2009.

A potpourri of post-baby television roles followed - several of them opposite Hamlin, including a turn on his short-lived series "Movie Stars" (The WB, 1999-2000), the comedic TV movie "Oh, Baby" (2001), and the Lifetime movie "Sex, Lies and Obsession" (2001). Rinna's solo efforts included the 2000 Lifetime feature "Another Woman's Husband" (2000), which was one of the network's highest rated productions, followed by her sole feature film credit, "Good Advice" (2001) - a project best known for introducing Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards. In 2002, the highly animated Rinna was tapped to co-host the soap opera talk show "SoapTalk" (SOAPnet, 2002-06) alongside Ty Treadway. Her easy banter with her co-host helped her to earn several Daytime Emmy Award nominations. She was also the host of Lifetime's reality series "Merge" (2003-05), where makeover consultants helped newlyweds figure out what to keep and what to toss when it came to their spouse's belongings. In 2004, she and Hamlin played recurring roles on the UPN series "Veronica Mars" (2004-07) as the parents of Jason Dohring's character, Logan Echolls. Rinna's Lynn Echolls committed suicide by leaping from a bridge at the end of the series' first season. In 2007, Rinna landed a job perfectly suited to her glitzy, outgoing personality when she replaced awards show staple Joan Rivers as the TV Guide Channel's lead red carpet host.

In 2006, a tan and toned Rinna competed on ABC's astonishingly popular reality series, "Dancing with the Stars" (2005- ). She and her partner Louis van Amstel pleased the judges and Rinna's exhibitionist personality was on full display, but it was not enough to prevent the pair from being eliminated mid-season. Ever the supportive husband, Hamlin followed in his wife's footsteps, literally, competing on "Dancing with the Stars" the following season. His twirl on the ballroom floor, however, ended even sooner than Rinna's, though his wife was always spotted ringside. Regardless, their "Dancing" exposure ignited enough public interest in them for the celebrity coupled to land their own celeb-reality series, "Harry Loves Lisa," which premiered on the TV Land Network in 2010. In a bizarre turn of events that would likely provide fodder for the show, the couple's San Fernando Valley clothing boutique was broken into twice during the same week the first episode aired. Only weeks later, it was then reported that Rinna had jumped aboard another reality program, season four of the successful "The Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC, 2004- ) franchise, in which she would compete against singer Mark McGrath, actress Marlee Matlin and rapper Lil Jon, among others.

lisa rinna biography

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lisa rinna biography

In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin

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Gma3: what you need to know.

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The dennis basso & jill martin show, morning q live, kocktails with khloé: an extra shot.

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News about Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna and Briana Skye in 'Mommy Meanest'

‘Mommy Meanest’ Trailer: Lisa Rinna Terrorizes Her Daughter in New Lifetime Movie (VIDEO)

Lisa Rinna on The Jennifer Hudson Show

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Star Lisa Rinna Addresses Whether She’ll Return to Show

Lisa Rinna attends The Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala

Lisa Rinna Says ‘Days of Our Lives’ Work Environment Was ‘Disgusting’

Lisa Rinna on RHOBH

Lisa Rinna Reveals Shocking Reason She Left ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Harry Hamlin Lisa Rinna

Harry Hamlin Backs Lisa Rinna’s Choice to Leave ‘RHOBH’: ‘It’s Time’

Garcelle Beauvais, Andy Cohen, and Lisa Rinna on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Andy Cohen Apologizes to Garcelle Beauvais After ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Backlash

Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Refuses to Film ‘RHOBH’ With Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne

Eileen Davidson in Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Eileen Davidson on Reprising Kristen DiMera for ‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem’

Days of our Lives Beyond Salem Peacock

‘Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’: Romance & Secrets Abound in First Trailer (VIDEO)

Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem Lisa Rinna Billie Reed

‘Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’ First Look: Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson Return (PHOTOS)


New Blood (Including Kris Jenner!) & More ‘RHOBH’ Season 10 Scoop


First Look at Marcia Cross, Lisa Rinna & More in ‘This Close’ Season 2 (PHOTOS)

The Middle - Gregory Harrison, Lisa Rinna, Patricia Heaton

Meet ‘The Middle’s New Housewife: Bravo Star Lisa Rinna

How Lisa Rinna's New Era Is All About Taking Risks and Embracing Change

Lisa rinna has never been afraid to push the boundaries, but now, she's taking risks more than ever. as the rhobh alum exclusively told e news, "it's really important to follow my heart.".

Lisa Rinna  is owning her new era—and she's not paying lip service either.

Less than a year after  announcing her exit  on the  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Lisa has pushed the boundaries even further with her fashion, beauty and career.

"I feel really proud to express myself the way that I want to at 60 years old," the Rinna Beauty founder  exclusively told E! News while promoting her new Thick Sticks collection . "I never limit myself, and being able to take the risks, have fun with fabulous people, it just translates into who I am at this moment."

As she put it, "I don't really think about it too much—I just do it!"

If anyone knows what it's like to step outside of the box, it's the Melrose Place  actress. But taking a huge leap of faith, like exiting  the Bravo series  in January, isn't always an easy decision.

"It's real scary and it's hard," Lisa confessed. "After eight years, to make a change like that, it changes your life when you leave a job that you've had for that long."

However, the reality TV star pointed out that it's essential to evolve.

"You just have to do it," she encouraged. "At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut . Because you know when you need to leave something, you know when it's time to change—it's just that fear gets in the way."

But the way Lisa sees it, when one door closes, another  will open.

"Life and business are about taking risks," she shared. "I always think that even if I make a mistake and did something that didn't work out, that'll lead me to the next thing. Face your fears and go with your gut."

In fact, the Days of Our Lives  star's new chapter includes returning to her acting roots .

"I feel so lucky and so grateful," she said, before noting her role on American Horror Stories . "And I like Sheila Klein, she's a tough b---h. I prepared eight years for Sheila Klein. [laughs] I'm just really happy to be acting."

And while Lisa may have served up plenty of drama on RHOBH , she's eager to play a femme fatale on the big screen.

"I want to do things that I've not done yet," she revealed, "Like, I'd love to do a horror film, I want to play a murderer. I want to do things that are just way outside the box."

While she's manifesting future projects and hoping to check off career goals, Lisa's all about embracing the moment.

After all, she explained, "It's really important to follow my heart."

  • Bodybuilder
  • Sports Stars
  • News Anchor
  • Director/Producer
  • Diet Dictionary

Healthy Celeb

Lisa Rinna Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Lisa Rinna is an American actress, author, and television personality who is best known for portraying roles such as Billie Reed in Days of Our Lives , Taylor McBride in Melrose Place , and Lynn Echolls in Veronica Mars . She has also appeared in a variety of other TV shows and films such as The Hogan Family , Robot Wars , Nick Fury: Agent of Shield , Good Advice , 8 Simple Rules , Live with Regis and Kathie Lee , Harry Loves Lisa , Awkward. , The Real Housewives of Orange County , C.S.I. , The Middle , The Shrink Next Door , The Prince , and many more. Her theatre credits include plays like Chicago . In 2002, she started hosting the talk show, Soap Talk . Lisa has also published books like Starlit , The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book , and Rinnavation .

Lisa Deanna Rinna

Lisa Rinna at the Project Angel Food's Angel Awards in September 2016

Newport Beach, California, United States



Lisa Rinna went to Hoover Elementary , Medford. After that, she got enrolled at the Hedrick Junior High School  and then joined the  Medford Senior High School  from where she graduated in 1981.

After high school, she got admission to the University of Oregon to study drama. However, after she was denied entry into the advanced acting program, she decided to drop out of the university after her first term.

Lisa also took acting classes at The Joanne Baron DW Brown Studio .

Actress and talk show host

  • Father – Frank Rinna
  • Mother – Lois Rinna (Died in 2021)
  • Siblings – She has 2 older stepsisters from her father’s first marriage.
  • Others – Ernest Rinna (Paternal Grandfather), Lena Bartolo (Paternal Grandmother), Anthony J. DeAndrade (Maternal Grandfather), Sadie Elizabeth Ryder (Maternal Grandmother)

Lisa Rinna is represented by

  • United Talent Agency

5 ft 7 in or 170 cm

58 kg or 128 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Lisa Rinna has dated –

  • Todd Nelson – Lisa had a short-lived relationship with Canadian ice hockey player Todd Nelson.
  • Peter Barton (1989) – Lisa started dating actor Peter Barton in the early months of 1989. However, their relationship didn’t last more than a couple of months.
  • Harry Hamlin (1992-Present) – Lisa met her actor husband Harry Hamlin in 1992 while she was working at an eyeglass store. He was having dinner with the owner of the store and she had come to hand over the keys of the store. That was the first day they met and talked. When they started going out, Harry was still married to his second wife, Nicollette Sheridan . However, they weren’t together and Nicollette was dating Michael Bolton , whom Lisa had thanked during an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . In 1997, they got married in the backyard of their Beverly Hills house. In 1998, she gave birth to a daughter, Delilah . In 2001, they welcomed their second daughter, Amelia . In the course of their marriage, they have worked together on several TV shows and did a commercial for Depend undergarments.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin at the Sherri Hill Runway Show during New York Fashion Week in February 2017

Race / Ethnicity

On her father’s side, she has Italian ancestry, whereas, she is of Portuguese and English descent on her mother’s side.

Sexual Orientation

Distinctive features.

Short cropped hairdo


36-26-34 in or 91.5-66-86 cm

4 (US) or 36 (EU)

Lisa Rinna poses for a bikini photoshoot in 2015

8.5 (US) or 39 (EU)

Brand Endorsements

Lisa Rinna has appeared in the TV commercials for –

  • Depend “Silhouette” protective briefs for women
  • The Flex Belt abs workout (alongside Adrianne Curry )

She has been featured in the print ads for

  • Mars Inc’s M&M candies
  • Depend Silhouette Protective Briefs.

She has appeared in an infomercial for Winsor Pilates .

Best Known For

  • Being cast as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime series, Days of Our Lives.
  • Playing the role of Taylor McBride in the Fox series, Melrose Place.

In 1988, she made her first film appearance as Lucy Delacorte in the action movie  Captive Rage .

First TV Show

In 1990, Lisa made her TV show debut in the family comedy series  Valerie  (aka The Hogan Family) for her role as Annie Derrick.

Personal Trainer

Lisa Rinna has kept her incredible figure in perfect shape even in her 50s through a disciplined workout regime and clean eating habits. Her preferred mode of workout is yoga, which usually lasts for an hour. However, she likes to mix up her workout routine with Soul Cycle for spinning classes and even does hiking in her free time.

When she is traveling, her workout regime changes dramatically. If she is in a big and interesting city, she likes to walk for miles on end, which helps her explore the city as well as get her daily workout. Lisa also likes to use the gym in the hotel for a short and intense workout.

When it comes to diet, she follows a very simple mantra. Lisa tries to fill her body with good food. If she isn’t eating healthy and clean, she feels terrible about it. She believes that if she eats well, she looks good and feels good.

Overall, she has adopted a gluten -free diet since 2010. Also, she makes sure that she remains hydrated all day long.

Lisa Rinna Favorite Things

  • Healthy Dish  – White corn relish and Brazilian cheese bread
  • Music Composer  – Beethoven
  • Movie  – Gone with the Wind (1939)
  • TV Show  – 48 Hours Mystery
  • Place – Positano, Italy
  • Word or Phrase – Fabulous and I know
  • Greatest Flaw – Insecurity
  • Fictional Hero – Wonder Woman
  • Fictional Villain – Catwoman
  • Biggest Pet Peeve – Impatience
  • Fantasy Profession – Rockstar
  • Songs – Borderline ( By Madonna ), Too Hot ( By Kool and the Gang), Tainted Love ( By Soft Cell), I Will Always Love You ( By Whitney Houston ), Dream On ( By Aerosmith)
  • Authors – Norman Vincent Peale, Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle
  • Books – The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho , The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dicken, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Source – Eat This , Simon and Schuster

Lisa Rinna at The Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes Party in January 2017

Lisa Rinna Facts

  • Lisa Rinna caused quite a stir in 1998 after she posed nude for the cover photoshoot for the September issue of Playboy magazine while being six months pregnant.
  • She collaborated with her husband Harry Hamlin to open a clothing boutique store, Belle Gray in Sherman Oaks. However, as they were busy with their careers, they decided to close the store in 2012.
  • Lisa had a bad break up between the audition and call back for the Days of Our Lives. Due to the breakup, she decided to cut her hair short, which impressed the casting director and helped her bag the role.
  • She got on the school cheerleading team in her junior year of high school. In fact, she was known to have the skinniest legs on the cheerleading squad.
  • After the birth of her two daughters, she battled with postpartum depression.
  • In July 2009, she published her self-help book, Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever , in which she shared tips on living a healthier and better life.
  • In November 2021, it was revealed that Lisa’s mother, Lois Rinna, had passed away at the age of 93 after suffering a stroke.
  • In December 2021, Lisa was tested positive for COVID-19.
  • She has a fashion line named The Lisa Rinna Collection and a cosmetics collection called Rinna Beauty .
  • In January 2023, Lisa announced that she was leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . She also revealed that the decision was made after her contract had ended.
  • TV Personality

lisa rinna biography

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Lisa Rinna’s moving on from ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ after eight ‘fun’ years

A woman with short dark hair, large hoop earrings and a polka dot blouse poses for a photo at a red carpet event.

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“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will be one housewife short when the reality show returns to Bravo.

On Thursday, Lisa Rinna announced she would no longer be appearing in the long-running series after joining the cast eight years ago, in Season 5.

A representative for Rinna said in a statement to The Times that the “Days of Our Lives” actor’s “contract was up at the end of last season.”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA., MAY 31, 2019—Actress and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna at her home. Rinna is not stranger to drama with stints on soaps such as "Days of Our Lives" and primetime's "Melrose Place," but she's settled into a new league of high drama as a cast member of the popular Bravo reality series. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Lisa Rinna just wanted to be famous. With ‘Real Housewives,’ she got her wish

When I meet Lisa Rinna in the back of an empty dance studio on Melrose Avenue on a recent weekday, there’s no video crew to document our shenanigans.

July 9, 2019

“After taking the time to weigh her current options and business obligations, Lisa and Bravo have discussed and mutually decided that she will not be returning to RHOBH,” the statement said.

In a separate statement shared with the Los Angeles Times, Rinna celebrated “Real Housewives” as “the longest job I have held in my 35-year career.”

“I am grateful to everyone at Bravo and all those involved in the series,” she said. “It has been a fun 8-year run and I am excited for what is to come!”

A woman with short hair wearing gold necklaces and a black blazer posing for red carpet photos

Lisa Rinna couldn’t wait for the ‘RHOBH’ reunion to start drama with Kathy Hilton

Ahead of filming Friday’s ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion, Lisa Rinna stirred up drama by sharing private texts from co-star Kathy Hilton.

Sept. 9, 2022

After appearing as a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” guest in Season 4, Rinna joined the cast in the series’ fifth season, which ran from November 2014 to April 2015. Since then, the “Melrose Place” actor has graced Bravo airwaves with her signature shag hairdo and self-deprecating attitude.

Rinna’s time on the messy reality show, obviously, wasn’t without its share of drama. Among her notable moments are her fiery, glass-shattering dispute with Kim Richards in Amsterdam and her Munchausen’s comments to Yolanda Hadid.

Even in her final months as part of the “Real Housewives” cast, Rinna was embroiled in the drama of Season 12’s contentious Aspen trip — the setting of Kathy Hilton’s alleged meltdown.

BRAVOCON -- "Thrills in Beverly Hills Panel from the Javits Center in New York City on Friday, October 14, 2022" -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna, Crystal Minkoff and Dorit Kemsley -- (Photo by: Monica Schipper/Bravo)

Why are ‘Real Housewives’’ biggest fans booing one of its stars?

‘Beverly Hills’ star Lisa Rinna’s journey from fan favorite to persona non grata culminated in a chorus of boos at BravoCon. Here’s how we got here.

Oct. 14, 2022

Rinna, a fan favorite who was nevertheless recently booed at BravoCon , said at the fan event in October that she once believed “being on a soap opera was more difficult than being a Housewife.

“But it’s more difficult to be a Housewife,” she said. “It’s a lot harder because it’s real. ... This is real and these are people that I do care about.”

More to Read

An Asian woman with long, dark hair smiling in a sleeveless black gown and a thin necklace.

Crystal Kung Minkoff says her ‘Real Housewives’ days are over: ‘It was a blessing’

April 16, 2024

Robyn Dixon ins a bright pink ruffled blazer smiles while seated in a talk-show chair

Robyn Dixon confirms her exit from Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’

April 15, 2024

“The Talk” hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Sheryl Underwood, Jerry O’Connell and Natalie Morales.

‘The Talk’ ending with shortened 15th season at CBS

April 12, 2024

The complete guide to home viewing

Get Screen Gab for everything about the TV shows and streaming movies everyone’s talking about.

You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times.

lisa rinna biography

Alexandra Del Rosario is an entertainment reporter on the Los Angeles Times Fast Break Desk. Before The Times, she was a television reporter at Deadline Hollywood, where she first served as an associate editor. She has written about a wide range of topics including TV ratings, casting and development, video games and AAPI representation. Del Rosario is a UCLA graduate and also worked at the Hollywood Reporter and TheWrap.

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a shirtless Lukas Gage lounging on a bed lit by a sign shaped like a crown

How the Cat King in ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ captures a familiar queer dynamic

April 27, 2024

Entertainment & Arts

Shannon Sharpe under fire for ‘invalidating’ Amanda Seales’ experiences with autism, racism

April 26, 2024

FILE - Ellen DeGeneres, winner of the Carol Burnett award, poses in the press room at the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 5, 2020, in Beverly Hills, Calif. Three producers of her daytime show, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," have exited amid complaints of a difficult and unfair workplace environment. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File)

Ellen DeGeneres riffs on getting ‘kicked out’ of showbiz after toxic-culture allegations

Stagecoach attendees walk below ferris wheel at festival grounds

Stagecoach 2024: How to stream Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert and other sets at home

lisa rinna biography

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A BIOGRAPHY OF LISA RINNA : Embracing Stardom with Charisma and Versatility

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A BIOGRAPHY OF LISA RINNA : Embracing Stardom with Charisma and Versatility Kindle Edition

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Lisa Rinna Is Open To Reprising Taylor McBride Role In ‘Melrose Place’ Revival: “I’m Around’

By Armando Tinoco

Armando Tinoco

Night & Weekend Editor

More Stories By Armando

  • Ryan Gosling Makes Surprise Appearance At Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show’
  • ‘Challengers’ Director Luca Guadagnino Explains Origins Of The ‘Spider-Verse’ Reference
  • Jessica Rothe Shares ‘Happy Death Day 3’ Update: “We Just Need To Wait For Blumhouse & Universal To Get Their Ducks In A Row”

Jack Wagner and Lisa Rinna in 'Melrose Place'; Lisa Rinna at Paris Fashion Week 2024; Lisa Rinna campaigning for 'Melrose Place' reboot in 2009

Lisa Rinna says she’s open to returning to Melrose Place after news hit that a revival was in the works .

Rinna has kept booked and busy since her exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, landing fashion campaigns and returning to acting. In a new interview, Rinna says she’s down to reprise the Taylor McBride role she played for three seasons in Fox’s primetime soap.

Related Stories

lisa rinna biography

'Melrose Place' Reboot Starring Heather Locklear, Laura Leighton & Daphne Zuniga In The Works

lisa rinna biography

E. Duke Vincent Dies: Emmy-Winning Producer Of 'Melrose Place,' 'Charmed' & Former Blue Angel Navy Pilot Was 91

“I mean, it was just a great, great experience,” she added. “So if they need a Taylor McBride appearance, they know who to call. I’m around.”

Rinna famously campaigned to be cast in the 2009 Melrose Place reboot on The CW, but the series was canceled after one season.

Lisa Rinna campaigns to be cast in the new

Earlier this month, Deadline reported that original Melrose Place cast members Locklear, Laura Leighton, and Daphne Zuniga were reuniting for a sequel series of the show. The show is in development at CBS Studios and being shopped around to networks and streamers.

In the followup series, the Melrose Place residents reunite after the death of one of their friends, “ut the pressure cooker of a reunion soon uncovers old traumas, rekindles old romances, reignites old resentments, and reveals new secrets… throwing our characters into chaotic drama that’s reminiscent of the past, but with a much more modern perspective.”

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Joe biden & colin jost roast donald trump; red carpet + party photos, cbs axes series after 3 seasons; lachey “gutted”; stars, creators react, zendaya’s ‘challengers’ looks to hit $15 million in its opening set, 86 top “career producers” launch collective to address fees, benefits & more.

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Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's Relationship Timeline

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have been married since 1997

lisa rinna biography

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have been going strong for 26 years — and it all started with a chance encounter and some good timing.

The duo first met back in 1992 while they were both in other relationships , but it only took a few months for the stars to align. At the time, Rinna was working at a glasses shop and the owner happened to be a good friend of Hamlin. After closing up the store one evening, she went to drop the keys off to her boss, who was conveniently out to dinner with Hamlin. There was an immediate spark between the actors and it wasn't long before they were going on their first date.

Rinna and Hamlin didn't hesitate to go public with their relationship shortly after, although it did take them five years to officially walk down the aisle. They welcomed their first daughter, Delilah Belle , in 1998, and their second daughter, Amelia Gray , in 2001.

"We are crazy about each other, and you can't create that, you can't make it — it either is, or it isn't … I think you either really dig somebody, or you don't. And I'm so blessed, we are so blessed that that happened for us," Rinna shared with PEOPLE .

From their restaurant meet cute to welcoming two daughters, here's everything you need to know about Rinna and Hamlin's relationship.

1992: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin cross paths for the first time

Rinna first crossed paths with Hamlin when he was still married to actress Nicollette Sheridan . While they didn't exchange more than a "hello," Hamlin says he was already smitten — and Rinna was a little bit starstruck by the actor.

"She was leaving and I was having dinner and she was walking out of the restaurant with her boyfriend … I was sitting with my wife at the time … and this absolutely gorgeous girl walks by me. Might have said hello … I was married, so I wasn't thinking beyond that, but I recall being stricken by her beauty," Hamlin told PEOPLE .

"You were Harry Hamlin!" added Rinna. "You were the Sexiest Man Alive, big movie star, you were starring in L.A. Law . I was starstruck!"

"You were starstruck and I was love-struck," Hamlin replied.

1992: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have their first conversation at a restaurant

Rinna and Hamlin crossed paths once again several months later, just days after Hamlin had split with Sheridan. At the time, Rinna was working at a glasses store and had to drop off the shop keys to the owner who happened to be having dinner with Hamlin. Rinna stopped by the restaurant and was invited to join the duo, where sparks flew — and a humorous conversation was had.

"It was sparks right away … She had just been to the circus the day before and she said, 'Oh my God, I went to the circus last night and it was so sexy!' I'm thinking to myself, 'Wait a minute, here's this girl. She's sitting there and the elephants, right, and the clowns and all that.' Because the only circus I'd ever been to was Ringling Brothers. But she was talking about Cirque du Soleil, which is very sexy, but I didn't know that. I had not seen Cirque du Soleil at that point, so I thought, 'If this girl can be turned on by elephant dung and whatever, I'm good with her.' I was enchanted right away," Hamlin said in an interview with SiriusXM's Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham on The Jess Cagle Show .

December 1992: Harry Hamlin invites Lisa Rinna to join him on a trip to Aspen

Not long after their chance encounter at dinner, Hamlin invited Rinna to join him on a holiday trip to Aspen, Colorado. Rinna was with her family at the time and decided to turn him down.

"You invited me to go to Aspen and I turned you down. He called me and said, 'I want to take you to Aspen. You can have your own room.' I was with my parents in Oregon and I said, 'No, I'm not going. I'm not doing it.' I did play a bit hard to get but I didn't try to play hard to get … I just was hard to get," Rinna told PEOPLE .

December 1992: Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna get to know each other over the phone

Hamlin didn't give up after Rinna turned him down. He says he continued to pursue her and called her every day for two weeks during his trip to Aspen. His tactic worked because Rinna says she was soon falling for the actor.

"I said no to Aspen and he called me every day for two weeks during Christmas, during the Aspen time and I got to know him and start talking to him and I thought, 'He's really nice. He's very smart. He's very intellectual.' I started to really like him just by talking to him," Rinna explained to PEOPLE .

Early 1993: Lisa Rinna agrees to go out to dinner with Harry Hamlin

When Hamlin returned from Aspen, he called up Rinna to invite her to dinner. Rinna only had an hour to get ready for the date but she agreed — and something unexpected happened during their evening together.

"This restaurant is magical because we were sitting in this Italian restaurant and a balding elderly waiter came to us with a thick Italian accent and he said, 'You two, you are lovebirds. You are soulmates,' " Hamlin recalled to PEOPLE. "The whole evening he said, 'You guys are going to get married. You're gonna have kids.' And this is our first date and the waiter's telling us all this stuff and we're looking at each other going, 'Where is this guy coming from?' "

February 28, 1993: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin make their red carpet debut

Shortly after their first date, Rinna and Hamlin made their red carpet debut at the 7th Annual American Comedy Awards. The couple held hands while on their way inside the event, which was held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

1997: Harry Hamlin pops the question to Lisa Rinna during a trip to Canada

After dating for several years, Hamlin and Rinna got engaged while on a trip to Canada together. Rinna explained that it took Hamlin a while to propose because his previous marriages had made him hesitant about walking down the aisle again.

"Harry had been married twice before me, so Harry wasn't very excited to get married again. Like, not at all. Zero," Rinna said on Live With Kelly and Ryan . "It took five years, which is kind of a long time when you're waiting for it. I'd never been married. So, long story short, we're at dinner up in Canada. We're just sitting at dinner and all of the sudden he just like out of the blue says 'I think we should get married, what do you think?' That's how romantic it was. Of course, I said yes, but I made him, afterward in the bathroom, I said you have to get down on your knee and propose for real, for real."

March 29, 1997: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin tie the knot

On March 29, 1997, Rinna and Hamlin got married in a candlelit tent in the backyard of their Hollywood Hills home. The couple said "I do" in front of 150 of their closest friends and family — including a few celebs like Jennifer Tilly, Tony Danza and Annie Potts .

1997: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are expecting their first child

Not long after tying the knot, Rinna and Hamlin were expecting their first child together. The following year, Rinna attended the 1998 Oscars at six-and-half months pregnant wearing a turquoise Versace dress .

June 10, 1998: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin welcome their first daughter Delilah Belle

The newlyweds welcomed their first child , a daughter named Delilah Belle, on June 10, 1998. It marked the first child for Rinna and the second for Hamlin, who had previously welcomed son Dimitri with ex Ursula Andress .

2000: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are expecting their second child

Two years after welcoming their daughter, the new parents had another baby on the way. Rinna later shared a nude throwback photo from the pregnancy, where she can be seen smiling at the camera while cradling her bare baby bump.

June 13, 2001: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin welcome their second daughter Amelia Gray

Rinna gave birth to the couple's second daughter, Amelia Gray , on June 13, 2001.

2003: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin open their own clothing boutique

In 2003, Rinna and Hamlin opened their clothing boutique Belle Gray , named after their two daughters. The shop sold women's clothing and accessories and was open for almost a decade before closing its doors due to Rinna and Hamlin's busy schedules.

Summer 2007: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin star in Chicago on Broadway

Rinna and Hamlin shared the stage of Broadway's Chicago in the summer of 2007. Rinna played the iconic character Roxie Hart while Hamlin portrayed Billy Flynn.

October 2010: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin star in their own reality show Harry Loves Lisa

In 2010, Rinna and Hamlin got their first taste of reality TV when they signed on to star in a show that chronicled their lives. In Harry Loves Lisa , which ran for one season on TV Land, viewers got an inside look at the couple's everyday life with their young daughters. Rinna and Hamlin explained that they agreed to do the show because they wanted to partner on something creative together and the concept of a show about their lives stood out to them.

"We decided we wanted to create something between the two of us. Our lives are crazy in that not only are we actors, artists, not only do we do shows like Dancing With The Stars or go to Broadway to do Chicago but we also have kids, we have a retail store that we're trying to keep going all the time. So a lot of crazy things happen to us on a daily basis and we just thought, 'Well you know what, if we're going to do something creative together, we could do a comedy. We could do something like I Love Lucy ,' " Hamlin told CNN .

2014: Lisa Rinna joins Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Harry Hamlin's support

Several years after Harry Loves Lisa wrapped, Rinna was approached about joining the cast of the fifth season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . While it was an exciting opportunity for the actress, Hamlin was immediately against the idea. Rinna says that Hamlin even threatened to divorce her if she joined the show. She decided to move on from the idea but just days later, she says Hamlin changed his mind after doing some research.

"I went to him and said, 'Okay, they're interested in me doing this show, the Housewives .' 'Nope, I'll divorce you if you do it.' I said, 'Okay.' No more conversation. Done. That was that. I was fine with it. So he comes back to me in like two days and said, 'You know, I've thought about it. I've done some research … I've changed my mind. I think it might be a good thing for you.' Harry being a really, really good businessman said, 'It's a good thing. It'll work for you. You should do it,' " Rinna recalled on Oprah: Where Are They Now?

Hamlin later confirmed the story , explaining that he formerly believed "everybody who does that show gets divorced." He says he changed his mind after a conversation with Bethenny Frankel , who "convinced" him that it was a good idea "from a branding point of view."

March 29, 2017: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin celebrate their 20th anniversary

In 2017, Rinna and Hamlin celebrated 20 years since tying the knot. Rinna marked the occasion by posting a variety of photos from the couple's wedding and writing , "Happy Anniversary to the love of my life Harry Hamlin! My soul mate, my everything! I'd be lost without you baby!"

Rinna also shared another photo from the event and jokingly gave a shout-out to singer Michael Bolton , whom she partially credits with bringing her together with Hamlin. Several years earlier, Rinna revealed that Hamlin's ex Sheridan left him for Bolton and had that not happened, the couple would have never gotten married.

March 29, 2019: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin celebrate their 22nd anniversary whale watching

When Rinna and Hamlin celebrated their 22nd anniversary in 2019, they marked the occasion with a whale-watching trip. Prior to embarking on the adventure, Rinna explained that the excursion was Hamlin's idea as he's such a big fan of nature.

"This is so Harry Hamlin. Harry comes to me and says, 'How about we go and see the baby whales being born in the saltwater?' … I just go, 'All right that sounds cool, I'll do it.' So hopefully we will see some baby whales being born," Rinna said while co-hosting Live With Kelly and Ryan .

May 8, 2019: Lisa Rinna reveals she and Harry Hamlin watch porn together

Later that year, Rinna got pretty candid about how she and Hamlin keep the spark alive in the bedroom. Rinna, who wrote The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book in 2012, opened up during a conversation with her then- Real Housewives costar Denise Richards . After asking Richards if she watches porn, Rinna revealed that she and Hamlin are fans of watching it together.

"It's f------ great. Oh my God. I like nice porn. I don't like dirty porn. It has to be pretty … like Vivid has some nice porn. Anyway, you have to have the old stuff. The new stuff is like tattoos and I like the pretty porn. It's hot! Vintage Vivid is good porn!" Rinna said on's After Show .

December 17, 2019: Harry Hamlin says the key to their successful relationship is listening

While discussing his relationship with Rinna , Hamlin shared that one of the most important aspects of their relationship is listening to one another and truly processing what they have to say.

"We listen to each other. Really listen to each other. The thing about listening is that it's not something that comes innately to human beings. Normally we have a tape playing in our heads all the time. It can be hard to allow what other people are saying actually in. That's what Lisa and I do — we listen. And she's smart, she's the smartest person I have ever met. She's smart as a whip. Our favorite thing is to hang out," Hamlin said in an interview .

September 18, 2020: Lisa Rinna shuts down rumors that Harry Hamlin is having an affair

In September 2020, Rinna shared an appreciation post for Hamlin while poking some fun at rumors that her husband was having an affair. Prior to her Instagram post, a Twitter user had alleged that Hamlin had an affair with multiple women during the summer of 2018. While Hamlin didn't speak out about the allegations, Rinna shut them down.

"#Fbf Appreciation Post To my very busy Husband who apparently doesn't live with us, is having a lot of affairs, and is gay. Go Harry F------ Hamlin," she jokingly wrote .

February 2, 2022: Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna explain the secret to their happy marriage

After almost 25 years of marriage, Hamlin and Rinna spilled the secret to their successful relationship , explaining that it all has to do with how different they are. While Hamlin enjoys the great outdoors, Rinna is happier spending the day at the spa. Rinna added that they "eat differently, sleep differently" and have very different astrological signs.

"We have nothing in common. Nothing. I mean, we're kind people, I think in general we're both kind-hearted but we have nothing in common. Zero, zip, zilch," Rinna told PEOPLE .

Hamlin added, "I'm an outdoorsman, I like to camp and go up in mountains and her idea of camping is anything below the 10th floor of the Four Seasons … But I think love comes into the picture somewhere there too. Love, respect, and listening and attraction."

March 1, 2022: Harry Hamlin opens up about his sex life with Lisa Rinna

Hamlin got very candid about the couple's sex life in an interview Andy Cohen for Interview Magazine , sharing that things are still hot and heavy between them. When Cohen asked if things were as good as they were when Hamlin thanked Rinna "for all the great sex" at the end of his 2010 memoir, he wholeheartedly agreed.

"Of course it is, Andy! We're still married," Hamlin replied .

March 29, 2022: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary

In honor of the couple's 25th anniversary , Rinna shared sweet photos from the couple's wedding on Instagram, along with a graphic that read, "They lived happily ever after." Rinna captioned the series of photos. "March 29, 1997 25 years ❤️."

August 2022: Lisa Rinna talks about wanting to change her last name when she married Harry Hamlin

While filling in as co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan , Rinna said that, while she continues to carry her own surname professionally, her legal name is Lisa Rinna Hamlin. The actress shared she once suggested the idea of changing her last name publicly, too.

"It's interesting, because I wanted to change my name to Lisa Hamlin and Harry said, 'Why would you do that? Your name is Lisa Rinna professionally so don't mess with that,' " she said. "And so, if Harry tells you to do something, you do it. So that's why I did that. But I like having Hamlin as my legal name because that's the name of my children so I want to have something in common with someone, right?"

September 11, 2022: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin support daughter Amelia Gray at New York Fashion Week

The proud parents — as well as their eldest daughter, Delilah Belle — attended the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2022 show to watch Amelia Gray strut down the runway.

Rinna was dressed in Hilfiger designs from head to toe, while Hamlin sported a maroon bomber jacket from the latest collection.

November 24, 2022: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin volunteer on Thanksgiving

Rinna and Hamlin volunteered at Project Angel Food to prepare and deliver 7,400 meals for the critically ill and housing insecure in L.A. They were joined by former Real Housewives star Eileen Davidson.

"This Crew! This Morning at @projectangelfood 💙💙💙💙 #grateful #thankful #happythanksgivng," Rinna wrote on Instagram.

January 5, 2022: Harry Hamlin reveals the secret to his long relationship with Lisa Rinna

Hamlin spoke to PEOPLE about his 25-year marriage to Rinna, suggesting that his past marriages didn't last because his ex-wives "had characteristics that were similar to my mother."

"I think a lot of people end up trying to work s--- out with their lovers," he said. "Breaking the cycle is not easy. Having not married my mother the third time, then comes the challenge: How do you make that friendship and relationship work both romantically and platonically?"

" 'Happy wife, happy life' really is my mantra," Hamlin added. "And it works. We listen to each other, and we're not clingy. She does what she wants, so I can do what I want."

January 6, 2023: Harry Hamlin says Lisa Rinna made the "right decision" leaving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Rinna announced that she was leaving the Bravo franchise on Jan. 5, 2023. A day later, Hamlin addressed his wife's decision on the red carpet of the 80 For Brady premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

" [It was the] correct decision, the right decision to make at this point after eight years," he told PEOPLE exclusively. "I think she took it as far as she could take it, and she elevated the show."

Hamlin added: "Now it's time to move on. Eight years is a long time to do anything, the same thing over and over again. It's time to move along."

January 31, 2023: Lisa Rinna supports Harry Hamlin at 80 For Brady premiere

Hamlin stars alongside Jane Fonda , Sally Field , Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin in 80 For Brady .

Rinna and their daughter, Delilah Belle, attended the film's L.A. premiere in support of Hamlin. The former Real Housewives star dazzled in a black sequin gown by Michael Kors that she paired with a football-shaped Judith Leiber bag. As for Hamlin, he looked dapper in a black suit and turtleneck.

"What a Great Night Celebrating 🏈 @harryrhamlin," Rinna captioned a carousel of images on Instagram .

March 12, 2023: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin attend Elton John's Oscars viewing party

Along with a slew of celebrities, Rinna and Hamlin attended Elton John 's Oscars viewing party, which doubled as a fundraiser for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

The former Real Housewives star turned heads in a Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown, and Hamlin complemented her extravagant outfit in a black tuxedo.

March 29, 2023: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin celebrate 26 years of marriage

In honor of their 26th wedding anniversary, Hamlin penned a sweet post about Rinna on Instagram .

"The best decision I've ever made was choosing you. Here's to the next 26 years. Happy Anniversary to my one and only ❤️," he captioned a series of throwback images.

May 14, 2023: Harry Hamlin celebrates Lisa Rinna on Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, Hamlin penned a sweet message on Instagram about his wife.

"Today I celebrate you @lisarinna ❤️ You never cease to amaze me!" he captioned an image of Rinna, her late mother, Lois, Delilah and Amelia. "You’ve built our beautiful family with your unconditional love and I’m so in awe of the example you’ve set for our daughters. I know Lois is proud of you and the incredible mother you are."

January 9, 2024: Lisa Rinna says she and Harry Hamlin have "great sex"

Stefanie Keenan/Getty 

While speaking to Cosmopolitan , Rinna opened up about "sex after 60." She said it's all about "creating space for the ebb and flow of sexuality" at her and Hamlin's ages.

"We really have great sex together , and we always have," Rinna added. "It's just that maybe it doesn't happen quite as often as it did when you're in your 30s and in your 20s, I would say. And I think that's normal."

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Lisa Rinna to co-star with daughter Delilah Hamlin in Lifetime movie ‘Mommy Meanest’

Lisa Rinna will co-star with real-life daughter Delilah Hamlin in the upcoming Lifetime movie "Mommy Meanest."

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star will play Madelyn, the mother of Mia (played by Briana Skye), a teenage girl with a history of emotional trauma who's terrorized by a cyber-bully, D e adline re ports . The twist? Mia eventually discovers that her mom is the one who's been sending her the terrifying texts.

Hamlin will play Summer, one of Mia's friends in the film, which was inspired by real-life events.

"Mommy Meanest," which will premiere on Lifetime later this month, marks the first time that Rinna and Hamlin have acted opposite one another onscreen.

Lifetime and Rinna's team did not immediately respond to's request for comment, though Rinna shared the Deadline story to her Instagram story, writing "let's goooooo."

Amelia Gray Hamlin, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna, and Delilah Belle Hamlin

The Bravo star shares Hamlin and a younger daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, known professionally as Amelia Gray, with her husband, former "L.A. Law" star Harry Hamlin. The couple tied the knot in 1997 . (Harry Hamlin is also dad to a son, Dimitri Alexander, with former girlfriend Ursula Andress.)

Rinna, Hamlin and their two daughters showed what a tight-knit family they were in December 2022 when they walked the red carpet together at the Los Angeles premiere of Hamlin's AMC series “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches.”

Read on to learn about Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's two daughters.

Delilah Belle Hamlin

Delilah Belle Hamlin

Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin welcomed their first child together, daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin, in June 1998.

The model and actor grew up in Beverly Hills, California, and moved to New York City in January 2018 to attend New York University, People reported at the time.

As a model, Delilah Hamlin made her New York Fashion Week debut when she walked the runway for Tommy Hilfiger in 2016, Bravo reported . The same year, the teen revealed that Rinna forbade her to start modeling until she turned 17.

“She knew the culture and the industry because she’s been in it for so long, and she didn’t really want me to get in it too early,” Delilah Hamlin told Teen Vogue . “She wanted me to mature more and understand things more, and not be so naive going into it. It is a difficult culture with body type and body image, and she wanted me to wait until I was older.”

Delilah Hamlin, Amelia Hamlin and Lisa Rinna

She later walked the runway with both her mother and her sister when she returned to NYFW in 2020.

Delilah Hamlin made her screen acting debut playing a former sex worker who aspires to be nurse in the 2023 thriller "How She Caught a Killer," according to .

She went red-carpet official with her boyfriend, actor Henry Eikenberry, when the couple attended the June 2023 premiere of Eikenberry's Apple TV+ series "The Crowded Room."

In November 2023, she paid tribute to Eikenberry on his birthday when she posted a collection of pics and videos of the pair on Instagram . She captioned her post, "happy birthday to my person."

Amelia Gray Hamlin

Amelia Gray Hamlin

Rinna and Harry Hamlin's second daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, arrived in June 2001.

The younger Hamlin sister, who has been open about her struggle with an eating disorder in her teens, graduated from high school in 2019 and then followed her older sister to New York City where she studied nutrition and wellness at New York University, People reported .

Like her older sister, Amelia Hamlin, who briefly dated reality star Scott Disick , also became a model and is known professionally as Amelia Gray.

She made her New York Fashion Week debut in September 2017 when she walked the runway for designer Dennis Basso, Entertainment Tonight reported at the time.

She told Vogue France earlier this month that she's wanted to model ever since she was a child because she felt "extremely empowered" watching the supermodels of the 1990s. "I wanted to feel the power and creativity and self-expression that they were exuding as they walked down the runway," she explained.

She also opened up to the publication about the morals her parents instilled in her.

“My parents taught me how important kindness is. I truly live by the idea that the most beautiful woman can walk in the room and quickly become the ugliest simply by how she treats others," she said, adding, "My parents also taught me to work harder tomorrow than I did today."

Gina Vivinetto is a writer for

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(Actress, Model, Television Host)

Lisa rinna is an actress and television host who was in “days of our lives” and “melrose place”..

Lisa Rinna

Quick Facts of Lisa Rinna

I have two children, and they know that I never pass up a piece of cake, ever
I love my shoulders
they're strong. I like the way they move, and I like the way they look in clothes
I want to live the next chapter in my life without my lips as my defining characteristic.

Lisa Rinna is married to Harry Hamlin {Compare Couple} . Lisa Rinna married on March 29 , 1997 . 💑 Anniversary in 335 days 💑 She is mother of Two(Amelia Gray Hamlin and Delilah Belle Hamlin). Lisa Rinna is not having an affair with anyone presently. Her sexual orientation is straight.

Lisa Rinna Marital Life! Lisa Rinna married actor-husband, Harry Hamlin,  on March 29, 1997, and together they appeared in numerous television and film productions. Their daughters, Deliah Belle and Amelia Gray were born on June 10, 1998, and June 13, 2001, respectively. No news about any kind of marital problems seems to surface about the couple anywhere and they seem to be doing well in their lives. Lisa, though having to care for her children along with handling her career still remains as charming as ever and continues to grace the TV with her occasional appearances on screen. Relationship History With? Peter Barton (1989 – 1992) Todd Nelson Relationship Timeline Type Total Time Duration Married 1 30 years, 7 months Dating 2 2 years, 9 months

Lisa Rinna: Biography in Details

Table of Contents

Who is Lisa Rinna?

Lisa rinna is an american actress and television host..

She is best known for her roles in “Days of Our Lives” and “Melrose Place” and for appearing on TV’s Dancing with the Stars.

Lisa Rinna: Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Lisa Rinna was born as “Lisa De Anne Rinna” on July 11, 1963, in Medford, Oregon USA. As of 2022, she is 59 years old.

Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is mixed(Italian, Portuguese, and English).

She was born to parents Lois(mother) and Frank Rinna(father). Lisa grew up in Melford, Oregon after her family moved to follow her father’s career. She has a sister, Nancy Rinna.

Education History

She graduated from “Medford Senior High School” in 1981 and attended “Hoover Elementary”, Medford, Oregon.

Lisa also attended “Hendrik Junior High School” and  “Mid-High School” in Medford, Oregon. Her childhood activities included being a member of the “Brownies”.

She started cheerleading in Junior High Through High School.

Lisa is also known for the skinniest legs in high school on the cheerleading squad. She also loves sports including tennis and snow skiing.

Lisa Rinna : Professional Life, Career

Lisa Rinna started her acting career started when she was 22 i.e. in 1985 when she appeared in the video “Naughty Naughty” by John Parr, as the passenger in his car.

Her next appearances included the role of Jason Bateman’s character’s girlfriend in many episodes of The Hogan Family in 1990.

She then starred as Billie Reed in NBC’s Days of our lives in 1996. Rinna’s Lifetime Movie Another Woman’s Husband grossed one of the highest ratings for a lifetime movie.

Lisa’s other acting credits include the teen crime drama Veronica Mars and the Lifetime movie Sex, Lies and Obsession alongside her husband was a guest role on an episode of Movie Stars for the WB.

She has also appeared as Francesca in Hannah Montana and her first role in a feature film was alongside stars like Charlie Sheen and Jon Lovitz on Good Advice.

She also appeared in an episode of HBO’s Entourage and in February 2009, in the Broadway production of Chicago as Roxie Hard alongside her husband.

Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush also starred her role in the role of Brooke Diamond in 2011 and she also expressed her desire to return to her role of Taylor McBride on CW’s revival of Melrose Place.

At the end of 2011 however, she reprised the role of Billie Reed on Days of our Lives, and her first scenes aired on March 9, 2012. By August, she left the soap to develop a talk show.

As a Model, her career started at the age of 35 as a pregnant lady. Whereby, she appeared as a cover model for the September issue of Playboy magazine in 1998.

She was the cover model for the magazine again in May 2009.

She modeled an adult incontinence brief, to benefit the charity Dress for Success under a tight-fitting gown in 2012.

Still a fan of fashionable clothing, she now owns a Belle Gray clothing boutique in Sherman Oaks, California.

Lisa Rinna: Salary and Net Worth

Talking about Lisa Rinna’s fortune, she has a Net worth estimated to be 10 Million dollars as of 2022.

Lisa Rinna: Rumors, Controversy/Scandal

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Lisa Rinna is already making shockwaves with her over-the-top behavior on the show.

But a recent brawl when she allegedly attacked Kim Richards at an L.A. nightclub.

According to an inside source, Rinna flipped out when Kim accused her husband, Harry Hamlin, of cheating.

Kim made rumors for a while that Lisa Rinna’s husband, Harry had been unfaithful’.there are things that are just off-limits as far as Lisa is concerned, and Harry is on that list.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Moving towards his body measurements, she has a good height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.54m) with a body weight  of 57kg.

She has brown hair color and her eye color is also brown. She has a well-shaped body of 37-26-37 inches.

Her bra size is 34c, her dress size is 6 and her shoe size is 8.5.

Social Media

Lisa is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 611k followers on Twitter. She has around 653k followers on Facebook.

Also know more about the early life, career, net worth, relationships, and controversies of other Actress and Television Host including  Brooke Anderson ,  Andrea Bock ,  Candace Cameron ,  Chelsea Handler , and Catherine Hickland .

Lisa Rinna's Anniversary Dates

Lisa rinna's birthday dates, related posts on lisa rinna.

Health Update On Lisa Rinna’s Daughter Delilah Hamlin

Health Update On Lisa Rinna’s Daughter Delilah Hamlin

Lisa Rinna Issued An Apology To Denise Richards after Affair Rumors!

Lisa Rinna Issued An Apology To Denise Richards after Affair Rumors!

Garcelle Beauvais and Lisa Rinna’s Never Ending Catfight!

Garcelle Beauvais and Lisa Rinna’s Never Ending Catfight!

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Marlene Favela

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    lisa rinna biography


  1. Lisa Rinna

    Lisa Deann Hamlin (born Elizabeth Deann Rinna; July 11, 1963) is an American actress, television personality and model.As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives and Taylor McBride on Fox's television drama Melrose Place.Between 2014 and 2022, Rinna starred on Bravo's hit reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly ...

  2. Lisa Rinna

    Lisa Rinna. Actress: Days of Our Lives. Lisa Deanna Rinna was born on July 11, 1963 in Newport Beach, California and raised in Medford, Oregon to Lois Rinna & Frank Rinna, she has an older half-sister: Nancy Rinna. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives (1965) and Taylor McBride on Fox's television drama, Melrose...

  3. Lisa Rinna

    Lisa Rinna. Actress: Days of Our Lives. Lisa Deanna Rinna was born on July 11, 1963 in Newport Beach, California and raised in Medford, Oregon to Lois Rinna & Frank Rinna, she has an older half-sister: Nancy Rinna. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives (1965) and Taylor McBride on Fox's television drama, Melrose...

  4. The Transformation Of Lisa Rinna From 21 To 57 Years Old

    In the '90s, Lisa Rinna's career really began to take off. Her first big break came in 1992 when she landed the role of Billie Reed on the iconic soap opera "Days of Our Lives," a role she played ...

  5. About Lisa

    Learn about Lisa Rinna, the Hollywood star, author, fitness expert and TV personality who has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. From her roles on Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place and Chicago, to her books, fitness DVDs and hosting duties, Lisa Rinna has a diverse and successful career in entertainment and business.

  6. Lisa Rinna

    1985-present. Spouse (s) Harry Hamlin. (m. 1997-present) 2 children. Parent. NAHHHH BLUD THIS PAGE IS FROM OHIO 💀💀💀😭. Website. lisarinna .com. Lisa Deanna Rinna (born July 11, 1963) is an American actress, author, fashion designer, television host and television personality.

  7. Lisa Rinna Bio, Age, Husband, Daughters, Lips, Hair, & Net Worth

    Lisa Rinna is an American actress, model, and entrepreneur. She is known for her roles as Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives and Taylor McBride on Melrose Place. She is also the main cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2014. Learn more about her life, family, career, and beauty products.

  8. The Untold Truth Of Lisa Rinna

    Bravo/Youtube. Lisa Rinna lost her beloved mother and Bravo fan-favorite Lois in 2021, and her grief was relived in an episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Lois was often seen chiming in ...

  9. Lisa Rinna

    Lisa Deann Hamlin is an American actress, television personality and model. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives and Taylor McBride on Fox's television drama Melrose Place. Between 2014 and 2022, Rinna starred on Bravo's hit reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

  10. Lisa Rinna Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Daughter, Age

    Weight, Size. Lisa Rinna has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Moreover, despite her age, she still manages to maintain a sleek and curvy body. Her body measures 37-26-37. Who is Lisa Rinna? Know her bio, wiki, salary, net worth including her married life, husband, Harry Hamlin, daughter, and her age, height, body measurements, facts.

  11. Lisa Rinna

    Born Lisa Deanna Rinna on July 11, 1963 in Newport Beach, CA, Rinna later enjoyed a very traditional childhood - she was a Brownie and cheerleader - in Medford, OR with her parents Frank and Lois ...

  12. Lisa Rinna just wanted to be famous. With 'Real Housewives,' she got

    Since its launch in 2012, the Lisa Rinna Collection has sold more than 3.1 million units, and that duster has sold 180,000 units this year, according to a QVC spokesperson. Her daughters, Delilah ...

  13. Lisa Rinna explains leaving 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

    Lisa Rinna attends the Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala 2023 at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel on March 16, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.

  14. Lisa Rinna Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Husband Real Housewives of Beverly

    Lisa Rinna Profile. Lisa Rinna (Elizabeth Deann Rinna) is an American actress, television personality, and model. She is famously known for starring at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The series premieres on bravo reality television series, and the first season premiered on October 14, 2010.

  15. How Lisa Rinna's New Era Is About Taking Risks and Embracing Change

    Lisa Rinna is owning her new era—and she's not paying lip service either.. Less than a year after announcing her exit on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa has pushed the boundaries even ...

  16. Lisa Rinna: 'RHOBH' 'Made Me a Better Actor' but I'll 'Never' Go Back

    Lisa Rinna found one unexpected benefit from her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show that aired Friday, the 60-year-old star looked back ...

  17. Lisa Rinna Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Family, Facts, Biography

    Lisa Rinna is an American actress, author, and television personality who is best known for portraying roles such as Billie Reed in Days of Our Lives, Taylor McBride in Melrose Place, and Lynn Echolls in Veronica Mars.She has also appeared in a variety of other TV shows and films such as The Hogan Family, Robot Wars, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield, Good Advice, 8 Simple Rules, Live with Regis and ...

  18. Why Lisa Rinna is leaving 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

    Lisa Rinna just wanted to be famous. With 'Real Housewives,' she got her wish. "After taking the time to weigh her current options and business obligations, Lisa and Bravo have discussed and ...

  19. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's 2 Daughters: All About Delilah and Amelia

    Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have been married since 1997 and not long after, the couple welcomed both of their daughters. In June 1998, Rinna gave birth to their eldest ...


    In "A Biography of Lisa Rinna," discover the untold stories behind Lisa's rise to stardom, her triumphs over adversity, and the inspiring lessons she shares along the way.Get ready to be spellbound by Lisa's unyielding charisma as she fearlessly navigates the challenges of the entertainment industry, breaking free from typecasting, and ...

  21. Lisa Rinna Would 'Love' to Join 'Melrose Place' Reboot (Exclusive)

    Lisa Rinna tells PEOPLE she'd 'love' to join the 'Melrose Place' reboot and see what her former character, the scheming Taylor McBride, is up to. Though she hasn't been approached, Rinna says ...

  22. Lisa Rinna Is Open To Reprising Taylor McBride Role In ...

    Jack Wagner and Lisa Rinna in 'Melrose Place'; Lisa Rinna at Paris Fashion Week 2024; Lisa Rinna campaigning for 'Melrose Place' reboot in 2009 Paramount Television / Courtesy Everett Collection ...

  23. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's Relationship Timeline

    Early 1993: Lisa Rinna agrees to go out to dinner with Harry Hamlin. When Hamlin returned from Aspen, he called up Rinna to invite her to dinner. Rinna only had an hour to get ready for the date ...

  24. Meet Lisa Rinna's Daughters, Delilah and Amelia Hamlin

    Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin pose with daughters Amelia Gray Hamlin (left) and Delilah Belle Hamlin (right) at the Los Angeles Premiere of AMC Network's "Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches" on Dec ...

  25. Lisa Rinna Bio, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Salary, Age

    Lisa Rinna is an American Actress and Television Host. She is best known for her roles in "Days of Our Lives" and "Melrose Place" and for appearing on TV's Dancing with the Stars. Lisa Rinna: Age, Parents, Ethnicity. Lisa Rinna was born as "Lisa De Anne Rinna" on July 11, 1963, in Medford, Oregon USA. As of 2022, she is 59 years old.