GPT Essay Checker for Students

How to Interpret the Result of AI Detection

To use our GPT checker, you won’t need to do any preparation work!

Take the 3 steps:

  • Copy and paste the text you want to be analyzed,
  • Click the button,
  • Follow the prompts to interpret the result.

Our AI detector doesn’t give a definitive answer. It’s only a free beta test that will be improved later. For now, it provides a preliminary conclusion and analyzes the provided text, implementing the color-coding system that you can see above the analysis.

It is you who decides whether the text is written by a human or AI:

  • Your text was likely generated by an AI if it is mostly red with some orange words. This means that the word choice of the whole document is nowhere near unique or unpredictable.
  • Your text looks unique and human-made if our GPT essay checker adds plenty of orange, green, and blue to the color palette.
  • 🔮 The Tool’s Benefits

🤖 Will AI Replace Human Writers?

✅ ai in essay writing.

  • 🕵 How do GPT checkers work?

🔗 References

🔮 gpt checker for essays: 5 key benefits.

People have yet to learn where AI and machine learning are taking us, but it has already caused many problems in the education system. This AI essay detector can resolve some of them, at least as of the moment.

There are 5 key benefits of the above GPT checker for essays and other academic writing projects.

Elon Musk, one of Chat GPT creators, said that it was “scary good” and that humanity is approaching the creation of “dangerously strong AI.”

In an interview , Bill Gates commented on the program: “It gives a glimpse of what is to come. I am impressed with this whole approach and the rate of innovation.” And these words give us goosebumps.

Over the first week of its functioning, the program exceeded 1 million users . Therefore, developers are interested in monetizing it, and launching a paid Beta-version won’t take long.

We prefer not to throw out compliments to the chatbot and instead let you check for yourself . It is a chat with AI. The best way to start is to ask a question. It is free so far (still under research), so you can ask as many questions as you please.

We should care about AI-generated content because, in a decade, it will be an everyday reality. Even more so, it is a hot-button issue now. For now, GPT 3 can’t replace human writers. However, AI essay detection has already become an issue for teachers.

You can try asking ChatGPT to write an essay for you. But we do not recommend pass it off as written by you. Not only because it's unethical (although it is). The fact is that ChatGPT has a number of drawbacks that you need to consider before using it.

Chat GPT in Essay Writing – the Shortcomings

  • The tool doesn’t know anything about what happened after 2021. Novel history is not its strong side. Sometimes it needs to be corrected about earlier events. For instance, request information about Heathrow Terminal 1 . The program will tell you it is functioning, although it has been closed since 2015.
  • The reliability of answers is questionable. AI takes information from the web which abounds in fake news, bias, and conspiracy theories.
  • References also need to be checked. The links that the tool generates are sometimes incorrect, and sometimes even fake.
  • Two AI generated essays on the same topic can be very similar. Although a plagiarism checker will likely consider the texts original, your teacher will easily see the same structure and arguments.
  • Chat GPT essay detectors are being actively developed now. Traditional plagiarism checkers are not good at finding texts made by ChatGPT. But this does not mean that an AI-generated piece cannot be detected at all.

🕵 How Do GPT Checkers Work?

An AI-generated text is too predictable. Its creation is based on the word frequency in each particular case.

Thus, its strong side (being life-like) makes it easily discernible for ChatGPT detectors.

Once again, conventional anti-plagiarism essay checkers won’t work there merely because this writing features originality. Meanwhile, it will be too similar to hundreds of other texts covering the same topic.

Here’s an everyday example. Two people give birth to a baby. When kids become adults, they are very much like their parents. But can we tell this particular human is a child of the other two humans? No, if we cannot make a genetic test. This GPT essay checker is a paternity test for written content.

❓ GPT Essay Checker FAQ

Updated: Oct 25th, 2023

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This page contains a free online GPT checker for essays and other academic writing projects. Being based on the brand-new technology, this AI essay detector is much more effective than traditional plagiarism checkers. With this AI checker, you’ll easily find out if an academic writing piece was written by a human or a chatbot. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to interpret the results of analysis. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions.

ai essay writing checker

AI Essay Checker

Take your writing to the next level with our free AI Essay Checker. Refine your grammar, fix common spelling mistakes, and detect AI content and plagiarism all with the push of a button.

Max 2000 Words is allowed.

Probability Score


Join  thousands  of users who have used essay check to refine their writing, remove plagiarism and eliminate ai content with 100% accuracy..

ai essay writing checker

High School Teacher

Upholding Academic Integrity: The Essential Role of Essay Check for English Teachers

“ Being an English teacher, maintaining academic integrity is paramount. Essay Check has become an indispensable tool in my classroom. It not only aids in detecting plagiarism but also identifies any AI-generated content seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface, Essay Check empowers me to uphold academic honesty effortlessly ”

ai essay writing checker

Content Creator

Content Creation Revolution

“Essay Check transforms my online content creation, ensuring authenticity and originality in scripts and blog posts. It eliminates AI-generated content, empowering me to confidently engage my audience!”

SEO Specialist

Such a life-changing experience. Highly recommended!

“In the competitive world of SEO, Essay Check has truly become my trusted ally. By meticulously ensuring that my content is devoid of any plagiarism or AI-generated elements, it not only maintains but elevates the quality and integrity of my work. This invaluable tool has enabled me to consistently deliver top-notch content, leading to tangible improvements in my clients’ website rankings. With Essay Check by my side, I feel confident in my ability to navigate the competitive landscape of SEO and drive lasting success for my clients.!”

ai essay writing checker

College Student

An overall wonderful and excellent experience

“”Essay Check makes my essays better and original. It catches mistakes check AI content and stops copying so I get good grades.”!”

Patrick Abrams

Transformative Content Creation with Essay Check

“ Essay Check has revolutionized the way I create content for my online platforms. As a content creator, authenticity is everything. This incredible tool not only helps me maintain originality in my scripts and blog posts but also ensures there’s no trace of AI-generated content. With Essay Check, I can confidently produce content that resonates with my audience! ”

Get Rid of Spelling Errors

Once you paste your text into Essay Check, it will identify potential spelling errors and offer suggestions. If our tool flags a word that’s spelled correctly, just select the “Ignore All” option!

ai essay writing checker

AI Essay Checker

  • AI Content Detectors , AI Educational Tools , Free AI Tools

ai essay writing checker

AI Essay Checker is a free online tool designed to help students and professionals analyze their writing to create error-free and original essays. The platform uses advanced AI to detect AI-generated content, plagiarism, and grammatical errors, ensuring that your writing maintains its authenticity and academic integrity. Simply paste your essay into the text box and click “Check Plagiarism” or “Detect AI Essay” to get started.

Key Features

  • AI Content Detection: With the rapid advancement of AI language models, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish AI-generated content from human-written text. AI Essay Checker’s technology accurately identifies AI-generated content, allowing you to ensure your work is 100% original.
  • Plagiarism Scanner: Plagiarism can have severe consequences, both academically and professionally. AI Essay Checker’s built-in plagiarism scanner compares your text against billions of web pages and academic sources, flagging any instances of unintentional copying.
  • Grammar and Spelling Checker: Perfect your writing with AI Essay Checker’s real-time grammar and spelling corrections. This feature identifies and suggests fixes for common errors, helping you polish your work to a professional standard.

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ai essay writing checker

AcademicHelp AI Essay

ai essay writing checker AI Essay Writer

ai essay writing checker

DeepL Write

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Free AI Essay Checker and Evaluator

Experience the future of essay writing with essify's ai-based essay checker and evaluator. write with confidence, knowing that your work will be polished to perfection..

Free Forever Plan

Get up and running in less than 2 minutes., frequently asked questions.

AI Content Checker

Our ai checker, available below, is the most accurate ai detector for chatgpt, gpt-4, bard, claude 2 and other popular ai writing tools., trusted by industry leaders.


Our AI Checker is Built for Copy Editors & Publishers - (Not Students)

By narrowing our focus on serving copy editors and publishers, we have built the most accurate ai checker with key features so you can publish with integrity. we are not against ai generated content, but believe that you should be the one making the decision on if and when you publish it., most accurate ai detector.

Our AI detector has repeatedly been shown to be the most accurate at detecting AI generated content by both our internal testing and 3rd party peer reviewed studies. Across all Large Language Models (LLMs) including Chat GPT, GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Bard, Llama 2, Claude 2 and even Baidu’s Ernie we are able to detect AI generated text. Any AI detectors accuracy claim that is not supported with an in-depth analysis should be viewed skeptically.

Do AI Detectors Work - Studies:

  • Published 3rd Party Accuracy Study Our Detector was the most accurate at 97%
  • Our AI Detection Accuracy Study Our detector was the most accurate across multiple publicly available datasets tested. We built and open-sourced a testing tool to help others replicate on their own data.

Why Are We The Most Accurate?

  • Large AI Models - Because we are not built for Students and therefore we only offer the limited free AI Checker above we can focus our resources on using a larger AI detection model.
  • Focus on Published Text, Not Academia/Research/Historical Text - Instead of training our detector on all types of written text our model specializes on content meant to be published on the internet or in print and created for the average reader (web content, blog posts, books, news etc).
  • Build and Train on “Adversarial” Datasets - We have a full time “Red Team” that is actively testing strategies to make undetectable AI content. Once they find a strategy (such as paraphrase plagiarism ) that can create high quality undetectable AI generated text and bypass our AI content detector we improve our AI technology and make it detectable.


No False Positives - Demonstrate Originality With Writing Replays

Using our Free AI Detection Chrome Extension you can visualize the entire writing process of any Google Document helping to reduce the chance of a false positive causing problems. Having the ability to visualize how the document was created (a sped up character by character/word by word replay) helps resolve any uncertainty about whether or not text is AI or human generated. Install the Free AI Detector Chrome Extension

Benefits of Our Free AI Detector Chrome Extension:

  • Check for AI Content on Any Website Quickly - With our Chrome Extension you can check any webpage you are visiting to see if it is AI written text. 
  • Quickly Check Content Using our Copy/Paste Window - The easy to use copy and paste text window allows you check any piece of content within any text editor, such as Wordpress. 
  • Watch a Writer Write - With our Chrome Extension you can watch the writer write the entire document at a sped up speed.
  • See A Table And Graph Of Activity By the Author -  See a detailed analysis of each writers writing sessions including their duration, word count and the number of characters written.

Enterprise Ready AI Detection - Security | Privacy | Controls & API

We understand the world of large volume content operations and is built to be the complete solution which allows organizations to hit publish with integrity and at scale. The risks associated with publishing AI generated content (negative impact on Google search results, factually incorrect/embarrassing AI hallucinations published) have never been greater.

Features Our Enterprise Customers Love:

  • Team Management - Add, remove and monitor usage of your organizations users.
  • API - Well Documented, Reliable, Fully Featured and Fast API Access - See the AI detection API documentation that your developers will love to work with. 
  • Opt-Out Of Your Data Being Used in Future AI Training - You can select to have none of your data used for any AI training.
  • One-Click Delete All Scan History - We provide an easy 1-click option to delete all of your scan history
  • End-to-End 256 Bit Encryption - TLS 1.2 or higher is achieved with our end-to-end military grade 256 bit encryption.
  • A Complete Content QA/QC Solution - Plagiarism Checking, Fact Checking and a Readability checker are all included in our complete solution for organizations to be able to hit publish with integrity.
  • Sentence Level Highlighting - Our AI content detector will highlight sentences indicating the probability of whether or not each sentence was AI written or human written.

Features of Our AI Content Detector

In addition to our ai checker features listed on this page we have a complete suite of ai tools to help editors including… plagiarism checking , fact checking and readability checking ., some of the features our ai content detector offers includes….

  • Shareable Reports

You can easily share the results of a content scan with a shareable link. Signup to Share Reports

Free Chrome Extension

Visualize the writing process to minimize the pain of a false positive and ensure writers get paid. Install Chrome Extension

ai essay writing checker

Full Website Scan

Enter a URL and get a complete snapshot of the amount/timing of AI writing on any website. Start a Full Website Scan

  • Team Management

Add and remove unlimited team members, manage their access level, and see a complete record of all their activity. Sign Up & Add Users

AI Detector API

Use the well-documented AI Content Detector API REST API to detect AI-generated content within your current workflow. Access API

Multiple Languages

English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Japanese and Persian Sign Up

Customers Love

After testing a number of AI content detection tools, I have found to be one of the best on the market . And now with the ability to detect paraphrased AI content, is even more powerful. It’s basically my go-to detection tool at this point.

SEO Consultant,

At Clicking Publish, producing original, high-quality content is essential to our success. To maintain these standards, it's important that we verify the work from freelancers and outsourced writers. makes this process easy for us by providing a simple and efficient tool that ensures the content we receive meets our expectations.

Kityo Martin

Clicking Publish

After doing some serious testing with Originality (which caters for the newerAl tech), I can't fool it (yet).

Founder, FatJoe

In The Press

Featured by leading publications. did a fantastic job on all three prompts, precisely detecting them as AI-written. Additionally, after I checked with actual human-written textual content, it did determine it as 100% human-generated, which is important.

ai essay writing checker

Vahan Petrosyan

I use this tool most frequently to check for AI content personally. My most frequent use-case is checking content submitted by freelance writers we work with for AI and plagiarism.

After extensive research and testing, we determined Originality.AI to be the most accurate technology.

ai essay writing checker

Rock Content Team

Jon Gillham, Founder of came up with a tool to detect whether the content is written by humans or AI tools. It’s built on such technology that can specifically detect content by ChatGPT-3 — by giving you a spam score of 0-100, with an accuracy of 94%.

ai essay writing checker

Felix Rose-Collins

Flexible Pricing

Protect your reputation & improve your content quality by accurately detecting plagiarised content and artificially generated text..


  • 3000 Credits 1 Credit Scans 100 Words for Plagiarism and AI Checking 1 Credit Scans 10 Words for Fact Checking Additional Credits $0.01/credit 2 Year Expiry
  • Plagiarism Scan
  • Readability Scan
  • 30 Day Scan History
  • File Upload ‍ docx, doc, pdf
  • No Full Site Scans
  • No Scan from URL
  • No Team Management
  • No Tag Scans
  • No Access To Future Features

per month • cancel anytime

  • 2000 Credits 1 Credit Scans 100 Words for Plagiarism and AI Checking 1 Credit Scans 10 Words for Fact Checking Additional Credits $0.01/credit 1 Month Expiry, Renews Each Month
  • Automated Fact Checker
  • Unlimited Scan History
  • Full Site Scans
  • Scan from URL
  • Access To Future Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Our internally built artificial intelligence uses supervised learning with multiple models including a modified BERT & Roberta model to predict if it is Human or AI written content. Our AI has been provided with millions of records both AI and Human text then trained to tell the difference between the two.

Google along with other search engines has made it clear that “Using automation - including AI - to generate content with the primary purpose of manipulating ranking in search results is a violation of our Spam Policies”.

Additionally we found that Google Adsense can identify AI generated text and rejected a website because of AI generated text ( study ).

Yes, we provide two opportunities to try our AI content detectors capabilities for free. You can can use our Free AI Detector at the top of this page or you can also signup and receive 50 free credits within our app.

Yes, Chat GPT generated content along with most LLM’s (Bard, Claude 2, Llama 2 etc) can be detected at a high rate of accuracy. They are not perfect and do have some false-positives. An AI detector does “work” depending on the level of accuracy, precision and recall you require.

  • Do AI Detectors Work
  • AI Detection Accuracy Study

AI Content Detector & Plagiarism Checker for Serious Content Publishers

Improve your content quality by accurately detecting duplicate content and artificially generated text..

AI & Plagiarism Detector for Serious Content Publishers


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Enterprise Inquiry

Share your requirements with us and our team will respond to you promptly., essay checker, check your essay for grammar & language errors.

Students can write better essays quickly and confidently with Trinka AI—it finds and corrects language and grammar errors in real-time. 

Essay Checker

Trusted by Global Leaders


Why Choose Trinka's Essay Checker

Trinka's essay checker identifies errors specific to academic writing that other AI grammar checkers may not. Everything from complex grammar errors to scientific style and tone is proofread by Trinka! Trinka's essay checker has learned to provide the most relevant suggestions by analysing published academic papers, articles, and studies across various disciplines.

With Trinka, you will always be able to produce quality academic writing. Trinka's free essay checker can help ensure that your essays are of the highest quality and are edited quickly.

  • Save time with auto edits
  • Professionalize your writing
  • High data security
  • Enjoy it for free

Best grammar checker tool

Key Features of Trinka’s Essay Checker

With Trinka's advanced essay checker, you will be able to correct spelling and grammatical errors in your essay and make it more logical and concise.

Overall Language Enhancement

Polish your writing with Trinka language tips on enhanced vocabulary, tone, syntax, and much more.


Retain Original Formatting

Revise your essay with all changes made in tracks and the original formatting retained.

Plagiarism Check

Maintain originality in your work with iThenticate, the most advanced text similarity detection algorithm that compares your work with the largest paid publication database covering all scientific fields.

Table of Revisions

View a detailed table of revisions categorized by type of language error for a quick understanding of the edits made in your essay.

Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar and word choice of your essay to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, APA 7th, ACS 2nd, AGU 2017, IEEE).

Works on all Subject Areas

Customize Trinka to provide you with the most relevant suggestions based on your subject area and the topic of your essay.

Check Beyond Grammar and Spelling

Trinka's essay checker goes beyond grammar and spelling to holistically enhance your writing.


Style Guide Preference


Technical Phrasing


Word Choice


Word Count Reduction


Academic Tone


Usage and Style


Unbiased Language


Advanced Grammar


US/UK Style


Vague Language


Sentence Structure


Advanced Spelling


James Smith - testimonial

First, I love Trinka. Congratulations on developing something that extensively aids editing, especially critical grammar conventions and word count reductions.

James Smith

Emmanuel Lochin - testimonial

I've been using Trinka for four months now, and I have extensive experience with other grammar checker systems. I've used the proofreader for two ten-page papers, and I must admit, I'm quite impressed by its quality and usefulness. I am very satisfied with Trinka and strongly recommend it for academic proofreading.

Emmanuel Lochin

Rosa Diaz Sandoval - testimonial

Writing texts with correct English grammar and style is not an easy task for people who speak other languages. Sometimes you cannot find little mistakes in your document without help and moreover for academic writing. I tried Trinka AI as a tool of automatic correction and was quite glad with the suggested corrections and the feedback. With the feedback you understand why the suggested change must be taken into account.

Rosa Diaz Sandoval

Fouad Khalifa - testimonial

Trinka has a robust proofreading feature that allows me to effortlessly upload entire manuscript documents and receive fully tracked changes in a single step. Moreover, its unique supporting tools such as citation checker and journal finder, significantly enhance the efficiency of my research endeavours.

Fouad Khalifa

Jesse Rumball-Smith - testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great and free service, all the other grammar checkers and writing assistants I have tried don’t have nearly the depth of features let alone all available on a free subscription. As a student with little income available I am extremely grateful that unlike all others companies you don’t limit features on the free plan. This is a fantastic product and given the income I would definitely upgrade to the premium. I've let all my fellow students know about Trinka as it is seriously a life saver.

Jesse Rumball-Smith

Dr. Farooq Rathore - testimonial

I have mainly used it to improve the language, grammar, and syntax of the scientific manuscripts that I write for national and international biomedical journals. I have found the interface to be user friendly and the procedure itself is efficient and hassle-free. The auto-edit is a great help and the supplementary page with the revision summary is an excellent idea.

Dr. Farooq Rathore

Dr. Nitin Wahi - testimonial

Trinka AI is a great tool to help beginners in research publication. Its grammar editing, online proofreading with file download, citation checker, plagiarism checker, paraphraser, and journal finder provide amazing features at your fingertips. Even the free Trinka Basic plan can be invaluable for researchers in their early stages or at PG levels, helping them improve project reports and papers to meet publication standards. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with Trinka AI, as it stands out among research writing tools. Give it a try and you will love it! Thanks Trinka AI team for this valuable tool.

Dr. Nitin Wahi

Georgieva Milena - testimonial is my most favorite choice for grammar and spelling edit. The application works correctly, is fast and tidily! Completely satisfied!

Georgieva Milena

Dinesh Gupta - testimonial

The grammar checking tool exceeds Grammarly! I re-checked some documents that I had checked earlier with Grammarly. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a product from India!

Dinesh Gupta

Aftab Hussain - testimonial

Trinka has awesome features. Advanced level of academic writing checker and suggestion are so original. I would highly recommend to others.

Aftab Hussain

Edith Davies - testimonial

I have tested Trinka and am impressed with its fine capabilities. It did better than the grammar checkers I use. Well done! I have told my colleagues in my research lab to use Trinka. Hope it is widely used in academia.

Edith Davies

Noor Al-rishi - testimonial

Trinka AI's suggested corrections and feedback astounded me. It is simple to use and extremely beneficial

Noor Al-rishi

Nwaji Jude - testimonial

It's been a wonderful experience using Trinka and I almost can't submit any manuscript without re-evaluating with it. In summary, Trinka has been a life-saver.

Stumpf Curtis - testimonial

I trust and use Trinka as a final spot check for my edited documents. It helps me find the few remaining errors that I have missed during the primary editing. I really like using this platform for my writing. One particular feature that works well for me is the thumbs down button.

Stumpf Curtis

Dyke Gareth - testimonial

I think is a very interesting and potentially useful idea, especially for editors/publishers/journals. I found it very useful when I checked my editing work on the platform.

Dyke Gareth

Bhargava Sharma - testimonial

I am happy with the overall performance. I have been using Grammarly for a long while, but when it comes to academic or technical writing, Trinka is definitely a much better option. Academic document settings and auto file edit are my favorite features.

Bhargava Sharma

Ralph Bailey - testimonial

Trinka has become my go-to tool for grammar corrections. The AI-powered corrections and language enhancements made writing a lot more easier. Now I am able to focus more on research than on writing an error-free document.

Ralph Bailey

Thomas Andres - testimonial

The grammar correction and suggestion based on the AMA style guide is really impressive! Trinka is indeed the best grammar correction tool for medical writing.

Thomas Andres

Get Trinka Where You Need It

safari - Trinka AI grammar checker

Safe, Secure, and Trusted

Trinka puts data safety and privacy at the forefront. All your data is strongly encrypted and securely stored - no one else has access to your data. We offer unique plans that completely eliminate saving any data once you receive writing suggestions.


About Trinka

Trinka uses the latest, state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to identify grammar errors and suggest language enhancements. It is trained on millions of well-written papers and articles covering 1300+ subject areas including medicine, life sciences, biology, physical sciences, engineering, humanities, business, and arts to give you the most relevant suggestions.

Trinka is developed by a team of linguists, medical editors, data scientists, and engineers with a deep desire to create a future with barrier-free communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Trinka essay checker can be used across all subject areas. It provides contextual suggestions based on the chosen subject area.

There are positives and negatives of using an AI editor. With an AI editor, you have speed, control and the best part—it’s completely free! AI editors support human editors who can organize your writing into a clear, logical, elegant paper. After letting the AI editor edit your paper, if you feel you need a human check, we do have in in-house expert copyeditors who provide assistance with reviewing your final documents.

The Proofread File service gives you the following benefits:

  • The edited file will display all changes in tracks. This means you can review the changes and accept or reject them using Microsoft Word or any other compatible word processor. This file will also include comments and explanations that can help you make your writing clear.
  • You will also receive a detailed report which shows the number of revisions Trinka has made in each language category and an overall writing quality score.

We've tested Trinka's AI essay checker with leading online grammar checkers on five academic domains for accuracy, style guide compliance, conciseness, and contextual spelling check. Trinka stood out remarkably. To learn more, you can refer to our published whitepaper .

  • Features for Creative Writers
  • Features for Work
  • Features for Higher Education
  • Features for Teachers
  • Features for Non-Native Speakers
  • Learn Blog Grammar Guide Community Events FAQ
  • Grammar Guide

Essay Checker: Free Online Paper Corrector

Your Best Chance for an A+ Essay. Try Our Free Essay Checker Below.

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Why Should You Use a Free Essay Checker?

The simple answer? Good grammar is necessary, but it’s not easy. You've already done countless hours of research to write the essay. You don’t want to spend countless hours correcting it, too.

You'll get a better grade

Good grammar or its absence can determine if you get a good grade or a failing one. Impress your lecturer not just with how grammatically sound your writing is, but how clear it is and how it flows.

You'll save time

Essay writing can be a long and tedious process. ProWritingAid's essay checker saves you the hassle by acting as the first line of defense against pesky grammar issues.

You'll become a better writer

Essay writing is a particular skill and one that becomes better with practice. Every time you run your essay through ProWritingAid’s essay corrector, you get to see what your common mistakes are and how to fix them.

Good Writing = Good Grades

It’s already hard to know what to write in an essay. Don’t let grammar mistakes hinder your writing and prevent you from getting a good grade. ProWritingAid’s essay checker will help you write your best essay yet. Since the checker is powered by AI, using it means that grammar errors don’t stand a chance. Give your professors something to look forward to reading with clear, concise, and professional writing.

How Does ProWritingAid’s Essay Checker Work?

Your goal in essay writing is to convey your message as best as possible. ProWritingAid's essay checker is the first step towards doing this.

Get Rid of Spelling Errors

ProWritingAid’s essay checker will show you what it thinks are spelling errors and present you with possible corrections. If a word is flagged and it’s actually spelt correctly you can always choose to ignore the suggestion.

ProWritingAid product image - spelling mistake student

Fix Grammar Errors

Professors aren’t fans of poor grammar because it interrupts your message and makes your essay hard to understand. ProWritingAid will run a grammar check on your paper to ensure that your message is precise and is being communicated the way you intended.

Get Rid of Punctuation Mistakes

A missing period or comma here and there may not seem that serious, but you’ll lose marks for punctuation errors. Run ProWritingAid’s paper checker to use the correct punctuation marks every time and elevate your writing.

ProWritingAid product image - punctuation student

Improve Readability

Make sure that in the grand scheme your language is not too complicated. The essay checker's built in readability report will show if your essay is easy or hard to read. It specifically zones in on paragraphs that might be difficult to read so you can review them.

What Else Can the Essay Checker Do?

The editing tool analyzes your text and highlights a variety of key writing issues, such as overused words, incohesive sentence structures, punctuation issues, repeated phrases, and inconsistencies.

ProWritingAid illustration- unnecessary word student

You don’t need to drown your essay in words just to meet the word count. ProWritingAid’s essay checker will help to make your words more effective. You'll get to construct your arguments and make sure that every word you use builds towards a meaningful conclusion.

Use more transition words in your essay

Transition words help to organize your ideas by showing the relationship between them. The essay checker has a built in Transition report that highlights and shows the percentage of transitions used in your essay. Use the results to add transitions where necessary.

ProWritingAid product image - student sentence variety

An engaging essay has sentences of varying lengths. Don’t bore your professor with long, rambling sentences. The essay checker will show you where you need to break long sentences into shorter sentences, or add more sentence length variation.

ProWritingAid product image - student passive voice

Generally, in scholarly writing, with its emphasis on precision and clarity, the active voice is preferred. However, the passive voice is acceptable in some instances. When you run your essay through ProWritingAid’s essay checker, you get feedback on whether you 'r e using the passive or active voice to convey your idea.

ProWritingAid illustration - power verb

There are academic specific power verbs like appraise , investigate , debunk , support , etc., that can add more impact to your argument by giving a more positive and confident tone. The essay checker will check your writing for power verbs and notify you if you have less than three throughout your essay.

ProWritingAid product image - repeats

It's easy to get attached to certain phrases and use them as crutches in your essays but this gives the impression of boring and repetitive writing. The essay checker will highlight your repeats and suggest contextually relevant alternatives.

ProWritingAid illustration - learn as you edit

Gain access to in-house blog reports on citations, how to write a thesis statement, how to write a conclusion, and more. Venture into a world of resources specific to your academic needs.

What Kinds of Papers Does ProWritingAid Correct?

No matter what you’re writing, ProWritingAid will adapt and show you where your edits are needed most.

  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Textual Analysis
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Presentations
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

Professors and students love using ProWritingAid

If you're an English teacher, you need to take a look at this tool - it reinforces what you're teaching, highlights strengths and weaknesses, and makes it easier to personalize instruction.

prowritingaid customer

Jennifer Gonzales

Only reason I managed to get an A in all my freshmen composition classes.

ProWritingAid customer

Chris Layton

Great tool for academic work. Easy to use and the reports and summary evaluation of your documents in several categories is very useful. So much more than spelling and grammar!

prowritingaid customer

Debra Callender

Questions & Answers

1. how do i use the essay checker online tool.

You can either copy and paste your essay in the essay checker field or upload your essay from your computer. Your suggestions will show once you enter text. You’ll see a number of possible grammar and spelling issues. Sign up for free to get unlimited suggestions to improve your writing style, grammar, and sentence structure. Avoid unintentional plagiarism with a premium account.

2. Does the essay checker work with British English and American English?

The essay checker works with both British English and American English. Just choose the one you would like to use and your corrections will reflect this.

3. Is using an essay checker cheating?

No. The essay checker won’t ever write the essay for you. It will point out possible edits and advise you on changes you need to make. You have full autonomy and get to decide which changes to accept.

4. Will the essay checker auto-correct my work?

The essay writing power remains in your hands. You choose which suggestions you want to accept and you can ignore those that you don’t think apply.

5. Is there a student discount?

Students who have an eligible student email address can get 20% off ProWritingAid Premium. Email [email protected] from your student email address to access your discount.

6. Does ProWritingAid have a plagiarism checker?

Yes! ProWritingAid’s plagiarism checker will check your work against over a billion web-pages, published works, and academic papers, so you can be sure of its originality. Find out more about pricing for plagiarism checks here .

AI Essay Checker by AcademicHelp

Academic integrity ai checker.

Detect ChatGPT plagiarism and AI texts

Online AI content detector

Check your academic assignments for AI

AI checker for research papers

Detect ChatGPT, GPT4, Claude & Bard

Plagiarism checker for AI

High-quality ai essay checker.

Even though technology is moving forward, finding a good and free AI checker essay tool is still hard. As these detectors move forward and advance, so does the field of generative AI. Yet, AcademicHelp found its own solution – a service that can quickly scan through documents and determine AI levels with low false positive and negative rates.

The Reasons to Check Essay for AI

Both teachers and students can benefit from a timely check if essay was written by AI. As a student, checking your essays for AI can help ensure that your work is original and personal. It can help you avoid accidental plagiarism or accusations of reliance on AI-generated content. For teachers, AI detectors can also be a valuable addition to the toolkit, since it helps in maintaining academic integrity. They can use these tools to verify that students submit their own work rather than AI-generated nonsense.

Among the major benefits of AI checkers’ assistance include preventing academic dishonesty, encouraging original thinking, and improving the quality of education. By detecting AI-generated content early, students and teachers can address any issues before they become serious problems. This proactive approach can lead to a more honest and productive learning environment, where the produced work is genuine and reflective of the individual’s thoughts and efforts.

AI Generated Essay Checker: Quick Usage Guide

Academichelp free AI Essay Checker provides a straightforward approach to AI detection. First, you need to register on our platform to create your account. Then, all you need is your document. Our tool supports the upload of various file types: from pdf to, DOC, as well as rtf and odt files. You can also just insert the text into the platform’s field if that works for you.

After that, you just press the “Detect AI Content” button and wait for the results. When everything’s ready, you will receive the general percentage of AI-generated content spotted in your work. Aside from that, you will also see a breakdown of which parts have a lower and higher likelihood of being created by AI. 

Remember, our tool can accessed for free and you will be able to do three checks a day like that. You can also opt for one of our subscription plans if you are interested in long-term assistance or in case you are planning on checking a couple of documents.

Tips for Working with AI Paper Checker

We all know how these AI detectors work: you upload or copy-paste your work into the tool, the algorithms run their check, and you receive the percentage of AI-generated content detected in your work. Yet, there are a few tricks that can make the checking process more effective and lead to more accurate results.

  • Use Multiple Checkers – Don’t rely on just one AI checker. Use different tools to cross-check results and get a more accurate assessment. You can work with Academichelp AI Essay Checker at first and then run the same text through another platform for verification.
  • Analyze Writing Style – Pay attention to the writing style of the paper. You will see that AI-generated content often lacks a personal touch or voice. If the style seems too uniform or lacks depth, it might be AI-generated.
  • Check for Logical Flow – Most of the time, AI struggles with maintaining a consistent logical flow. Examine the paper for any sudden jumps in logic or disjointed arguments.
  • Look for Repetition – AI-generated content may repeat certain phrases or ideas. This is actually one of the aspects by which AI detectors recognize such content. So, you can also look for patterns of repetition that seem unnatural.
  • Test for Understanding – If you suspect a section is AI-generated, you can either run this specific section through AI Essay Checker or try rephrasing the question or statement. You can then see if the response still makes sense. AI might struggle with nuanced changes.
  • Examine Citations – Check the references and citations. Content created by artificial intelligence might cite sources that are irrelevant or nonexistent. This can also be checked by an AI Detector though.

Don’t forget that you can also check the document part by part to identify specifically problematic places in writing. Overall, with the help of these tips, you can enhance the effectiveness of AI paper checkers and ensure that your or your students’ writing is original and of high quality.

AI-generated content scanner

ai essay writing checker

How do you check if an AI wrote an essay?

To quickly check if an AI wrote an essay (either yours or somebody else’s), you can use AI detection tools like GPTZero, OpenAI's AI Text Classifier, or AI Essay Checker by AcademicHelp. These tools use special algorithms that recognize writing patterns, consistency, and other linguistic features to determine if the content is likely generated by AI.

Are AI essay detectors accurate?

Even though AI essay detectors are continually improving, for now, they are not 100% accurate. They can approximately pinpoint whether a text is AI-generated, but there may be false positives or negatives. Mostly, the accuracy of these services depends on the complexity of the AI model used and the sophistication of the detection tool.

Can teachers tell if an essay was written by AI?

Teachers might be able to suspect if an essay was written by AI based on a few characteristics such as unnatural language patterns, lack of personal voice, or inconsistencies in writing style. Nonetheless, without the help of specialized detection tools, it can be challenging for them to definitively tell if an essay was written by AI. That’s why a lot of teachers now use AI Detectors as special assistance in their work.

Can schools detect AI writing?

Yes, schools can detect AI writing by using AI detection software as part of their plagiarism and academic integrity checks. These tools, like AacdemicHelp’s AI Essay Checker, can help find out whether a piece of writing submitted by a student has characteristics typical of AI-generated content.

Do colleges use AI detectors?

Certainly, today, many colleges and universities are using AI detectors as part of their academic integrity measures. They may employ these tools to make sure that students' work is original and to maintain the integrity of their academic programs. Some of the most popular platforms used by institutions are Turnitin, OpenAI's AI Text Classifier, and GPTZero. Yet, it is worth noting that some institutions chose to abandon these practices altogether because of the high false positive rates of this technology.

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Why use Scribbr’s AI Detector

Authority on ai and plagiarism.

Our plagiarism and AI detection tools and helpful content are used by millions of users every month.

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AI Proofreader Scanning Document for grammar mistakes

AI Detector for ChatGPT, GPT4, Gemini, and more

Scribbr’s AI and ChatGPT Detector confidently detects texts generated by the most popular tools, like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot.

GPT2, GPT3, and GPT3.5 are detected with high accuracy, while the detection of GPT4 is supported on an experimental basis.

Note that no AI Detector can provide complete accuracy ( see our research ). As language models continue to develop, detection tools will always have to race to keep up with them.

The AI Detector is perfect for...

University applicant

Confidently submit your papers

Scribbr’s AI Detector helps ensure that your essays and papers adhere to your university guidelines.

  • Verify the authenticity of your sources ensuring that you only present trustworthy information.
  • Identify any AI-generated content, like ChatGPT, that might need proper attribution.


Check the authenticity of your students’ work

More and more students are using AI tools, like ChatGPT in their writing process.

  • Analyze the content submitted by your students, ensuring that their work is actually written by them.
  • Promote a culture of honesty and originality among your students.


Prevent search algorithm penalties

Ensure that your content is indexed by publishing high-quality and original content.

  • Analyze the authenticity of articles written by external contributors or agencies before publishing them.
  • Deliver unique content that engages your audience and drives traffic to your website.

AI Detectors vs. Plagiarism Checkers

AI detectors and plagiarism checkers are both used to verify the originality and authenticity of a text, but they differ in terms of how they work and what they’re looking for.

AI detector

AI Detector or ChatGPT Detector

AI detectors try to find text that looks like it was generated by an AI writing tool, like ChatGPT. They do this by measuring specific characteristics of the text like sentence structure and length, word choice, and predictability — not by comparing it to a database of content.

Plagiarism report

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checkers try to find text that is copied from a different source. They do this by comparing the text to a large database of web pages, news articles, journals, and so on, and detecting similarities — not by measuring specific characteristics of the text.

Scribbr & academic integrity

Scribbr is committed to protecting academic integrity. Our tools, like the AI Detector , Plagiarism Checker , and Citation Generator are designed to help students produce quality academic papers and prevent academic misconduct.

We make every effort to prevent our software from being used for fraudulent or manipulative purposes.

Your questions, answered

Scribbr’s AI Detectors can confidently detect most English texts generated by popular tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot.

Our free AI detector can detect GPT2, GPT3, and GPT3.5 with average accuracy, while the Premium AI Detector has high accuracy and the ability to detect GPT4.

Our AI Detector can detect most texts generated by popular tools like ChatGPT and Bard. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. The software works especially well with longer texts but can make mistakes if the AI output was prompted to be less predictable or was edited or paraphrased after being generated.

Our research into the best AI detectors indicates that no tool can provide complete accuracy; the highest accuracy we found was 84% in a premium tool or 68% in the best free tool.

The AI score is a percentage between 0% and 100%, indicating the likelihood that a text has been generated by AI.

Detect ChatGPT3.5, GPT4 and Gemini in seconds

Get in touch with questions.

We answer your questions quickly and personally from 9:00 to 23:00 CET

Support team - Nina

Learn how to use AI tools responsibly

How to cite chatgpt, how to write a paper with chatgpt, how do ai detectors work, university policies on ai writing tools.

AI Detector

Try the ai content detector..

Our AI Checker is trained on blog posts, wikipedia entries, essays, and more articles found online and across multiple large language models (LLM’s).

Content from AI systems like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini leave traces with certain wordage, structure, and syntax. Our ChatGPT Detector, makes you aware of these probabilities for your content.

The AI Detector will let you know in seconds if what you have reads like it is written by a human or if it sounds like it came from ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Claude, and Gemini. Then, use the AI Humanizer to produce the most humanlike writing possible, giving you undetectable AI content.

AI Detector Score

Want undetectable ai content then ai humanizer has you covered.

The AI Humanizer uses a proprietary mix of 3 AI engines, NLP and semantic analysis algorithms to rewrite sentences and paraphrase paragraphs in a way that is so humanlike it bypasses even the toughest and most accurate AI detection tools - like this one!

ChatGPT Detector.

The ai detector., checks for chatgpt, gpt4, bard, claude & gemini..

The AI Detector, boasting a 98% accuracy rate, discerns whether your text is likely human or AI-generated, including from sources like ChatGPT, GPT4, Claude, and Bard. Our AI Checker is one of the most trusted in the industry. Be aware: AI-detected writing can influence search engine rankings, academic grading, and reader perceptions. The AI Detector, now with a pro version, can transform AI text into undetectable AI content!

AI Detector Introduction

With chatgpt and ai text tools here: use the ai checker to see how your content reads.

We use natural language processing and a trained model using artificial intelligence to detect patterns, forecast probable word choices, as well as understand sentence structure and other characteristics that lead to a higher AI probability within a typical AI Checker.

ai essay writing checker

Want to check if images were created by a machine? Check out our AI image detector.

Human Quality Output

Ai checker + generative ai.

Get unlimited access to the AI Detector pro version along with our Generative AI suite that gives you human level output for just $49!

Unlimited AI detection scans

Unleash the power of the premium AI Checker with unlimited AI detection scans. With up to 50k characters allowed per scan, you can check most types of written content with ease.

Rewrite robotic-sounding content with a click

Use the human-quality rewriter of the premium AI Detector to instantly humanize AI-generated text.

Personalized to your Unique Voice

Generate blogs, books, essays, and more in your own voice with the combination of our fine-tuned models. Then, edit your output easily in the built-in professional editor.

Plan includes

Monthly Stats for the ChatGPT Detector.

This Month's Scans

Human Results

ai essay writing checker

You have 1 more free scan today!

Unlock 50k character scans

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Unlock unlimited complete AI scans.

Get the unlimited AI Detector plan and receive:

  • Unlimited AI Detection + Paraphrase Analysis
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This is a premium feature. Go premium and unlock:

AI Checker

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Advanced AI Detector and Humanizer [ u n d e t e c t a b l e A I ]

Texts in queue, how to use our ai checker and ai humanizer to detect ai content, humanize ai texts, and bypass content detectors like copyleaks, writer, gptzero, and originality, use our free ai detector to instantly assess the likelihood of ai detection across all major tools, use our ai humanizer to transform ai generated text into undetectable human-like content, ai generated content, how can undetectable transform your copy, bypass the most advanced ai detectors on the market., create human-like, keyword-rich content that ranks high on search engines., ensure your emails and seo content won't be flagged as spam., express your originality and creativity without the constraints of ai detection., a powerful ai content detector and humanizer designed for serious writers and content creators, begin with your ai-generated text, let us do our magic, enjoy your human-like content, discover the power of an ai detection remover and ai humanizer tool, looking for the most accurate, free ai detector, awards & recognition, the #1 best ai detector rated by forbes.

ai essay writing checker

Why Choose Undetectable AI?

Undetectable’s ai checker and ai humanizer supports multiple languages.

  • (af) Afrikaans
  • (ar) Arabic
  • (bg) Bulgarian
  • (bn) Bengali
  • (ca) Catalan
  • (da) Danish
  • (de) German
  • (en) English
  • (es) Spanish
  • (et) Estonian
  • (fa) Persian
  • (fi) Finnish
  • (fr) French
  • (gu) Gujarati
  • (hr) Croatian
  • (hu) Hungarian
  • (id) Indonesian
  • (it) Italian
  • (ja) Japanese
  • (kn) Kannada
  • (ko) Korean
  • (lt) Lithuanian
  • (lv) Latvian
  • (mk) Macedonian
  • (ml) Malayalam
  • (mr) Marathi
  • (ne) Nepali
  • (no) Norwegian
  • (pa) Punjabi
  • (pl) Polish
  • (pt) Portuguese
  • (pt_br) Brazilian Portuguese
  • (ro) Romanian
  • (ru) Russian
  • (sk) Slovak
  • (sl) Slovene
  • (so) Somali
  • (sq) Albanian
  • (sv) Swedish
  • (sw) Swahili
  • (te) Telugu
  • (tl) Tagalog
  • (tr) Turkish
  • (uk) Ukrainian
  • (vi) Vietnamese
  • (zh-cn) Chinese (Simplified)
  • (zh-tw) Chinese (Traditional)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is undetectable ai, who can benefit from using undetectable ai, does undetectable ai bypass ai detectors, how is your pricing determined, will my content still rank well on search engines.

AI-Powered Essays & Papers For Academic Success

Trusted by students and professionals across the world, see what samwell can do.

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Continuity and Change in USA 1950’s to Present

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Samwell makes writing and researching for essays easy, fast, and fun while delivering the best results

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Get a guided and optimal overview of your research paper.

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Need a reference that better aligns with your essay's requirements? Samwell AI provides a variety of citation choices for each paragraph, ensuring your references are tailored and diverse

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Samwell AI champions academic integrity, offering suggestions that inspire true creativity within academic standards. Our tool simplifies information access and writing with AI, while keeping the focus on learning - the heart of our mission.

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AI Checker: Essay Scanner for Generated Content

Get your essay or research paper analysis 3 simple steps:

  • Add a title (optional).
  • Paste your text into the empty field.
  • Press “Scan“.

Interpreting the Results of AI Scanning

To use our AI essay scanner, you don’t need any special effort! Just copy the text you want to scan, paste it into the textbox, add the title or research question if you have one, and click “Scan”.

Our AI checker won’t give you a definitive answer. For now, it will check the text you provided, implementing the color-coding system.

  • If the majority of the words are red, AI has likely generated the text. It could also imply that the text lacks original ideas and that its style is way too formal. If at least some words are highlighted in blue, the essay AI checker will tell you that a human wrote the text.
  • If there are some green and blue words, the text looks unique. The more green and blue words in the essay, the more likely it is to be written by a human.

⭐ AI Checker for Essays: Benefits

  • 🤔 What Is ChatGPT & Why Is It Popular?

🤖 AI-Generated Content Issues

🔎 how to spot ai in writing, 🔗 references.

Our ChatGPT AI detector has many distinctive features. It’s not just an app: it’s a cutting-edge tool that will make your studies easier!

Here are the top 5 features of our checker:

🤔 What Is ChatGPT and Why Is It So Popular?

ChatGPT is an AI that simulates human communication by using programming algorithms and language processing. The bot can communicate, answer questions, and write various text materials, such as articles, social media posts, programming codes, and emails.

ChatGPT was first announced in 2015 by OpenAI. At first, the prototype wasn’t very advanced and needed more tweaking. Later, it was integrated into many public spheres and became very popular. Today, people use ChatGPT in various contexts, from simple entertainment to more complex objectives. AI is now so intelligent that it can even code by itself!

Specialists are discussing the possibility of AI replacing some human jobs . That said, humanity still needs to learn how to use chatbot technology effectively. With its help, people can be more efficient and avoid routine tasks.

AI technology is not on the same intelligence level as the human brain. It still has a long way to go. So, if you ask a bot to write an entire paper from scratch, the results may not be as good as expected.

Some of the most common issues associated with AI-generated content include:

With all the AI’s weaknesses in mind, we will now discuss the best ways of detecting AI’s authorship in texts. Here are the 6 essential steps you can follow:

1. Look for Repetition of Words and Phrases

The more words and phrases are repeated, the more likely it is that the text is written by an AI. The AI checker can be a great help here because it can quickly find all the repeated words and visualize them in a diagram. You can still do it yourself, but it will take much longer.

2. Scan the Sentence Length

Sentences that ChatGPT writes are usually very long, boring, and watery. The AI algorithms have yet to learn how to create totally unique sentences with catchy word combinations. Also, they tend to say the same idea over and over again.

3. Check the Facts

AI won’t give you any real statistics. It will just find a random piece of information and place it right in your text. Sometimes AI gets its information from shady places or unprofessional platforms. That can seriously damage the text’s accuracy.

4. Notice the Lack of Analysis

Usually, bots are good at collecting data from every possible source. Despite that, they’re still bad at making sense of all this information. The lack of analysis can serve as a solid indicator of AI’s presence in the text.

5. Examine the Sources

If you run out of options on how to detect AI-generated texts, you can try to look up the sources. Actual students are more likely to base their essays on topical articles, books, or official web pages. AI, on the opposite, tend to drag everything to their texts. If you see some shady and outdated sources in the references list , the text is likely made by an AI.

6. Use AI Detection Tools

There’s nothing better at detecting an AI than another AI. It can do all the dirty work for you, saving you a lot of time. AssignZen’s free ChatGPT checker will visualize all the information about AI’s presence in a diagram. It will also highlight all the suspicious words for you, so you’ll only have to check the results and make a final decision.

With that being said, you’re now ready to scan your texts for the presence of AI. You can do it even easier with the help of our free AI checker. It can speed up the process and save you a ton of time. Good luck!

❓ AI Checker for Essays: FAQ

❓ is there an ai checker for essays.

There are many different AI checkers for essays. We recommend you try AssignZen’s essay checker, as it’s undoubtedly one of the best, and it’s also free. There are also many other text types that you can check with this app aside from essays.

❓ How do AI checkers work for essays?

AI checkers look for predictable words and highlight them for you. They also visualize everything that they were able to find in the diagram. This way, it’s a lot easier to see the repeating word ratio and decide whether or not an AI created this text.

❓ What is the best AI detector for essays?

AssignZen’s essay checker has many features that other detectors don’t have:

  • It’s free and very effective.
  • It has a convenient user-friendly interface.
  • AssignZen’s essay checker presents the results visually in the form of colorful diagrams.

❓ Is there a free essay checker?

AssignZen’s essay checker is one of those AI detectors that are absolutely free. You get the full version from the start. Forget about paying for subscriptions and extra features: with our tool, you get an unlimited version with fully-unlocked content for 0 dollars.

Updated: Apr 9th, 2024

  • What Is ChatGPT and Why Does It Matter? Here's What You Need to Know: ZDNet
  • How to Detect AI-Generated Text, According to Researchers: Wired
  • The Dangers of AI Writing and How to Spot AI-Generated Text: MakeUseOf
  • Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Content: TechTarget
  • Everything You Need to Know About ChatGPT: Business Insider


  1. Free AI Detector

    Scribbr's AI and ChatGPT Detector confidently detects texts generated by the most popular tools, like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot. GPT2, GPT3, and GPT3.5 are detected with high accuracy, while the detection of GPT4 is supported on an experimental basis. Note that no AI Detector can provide complete accuracy ( see our research ).

  2. Free AI Detector

    Our AI writing detector can only identify AI-generated, paraphrased and human-written content. QuillBot has a host of other tools, including a Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Paraphraser that can all help you improve the quality of your writing.

  3. GPT Essay Checker

    Our AI writing checker is based on the brand-new technology. Therefore, unlike traditional plagiarism checkers, it can actually detect AI-generated texts. ... But you can use this AI essay checker to see if a chatbot has produced the text in question. Updated: Oct 25th, 2023. 🔗 References Abstracts written by ChatGPT fool scientists - Nature;

  4. Free AI-Powered Essay and Paper Checker—QuillBot AI

    Our free essay checking tool gives your essay one final review of usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can feel great every time you write an essay. Utilize our AI-powered essay and paper checker for precise analysis and correction. Enhance your writing with our efficient AI essay and paper checker tool.

  5. WriteHuman: AI Detector and AI Checker

    WriteHuman's analysis begins with scanning your text, where the AI detector examines language patterns and sentence structures. It then compares these elements against characteristics typical of AI-generated and human-written texts, looking for indicators of AI authorship. The final step is a concise score, pinpointing the aspects that suggest ...

  6. AI Essay Checker: Detect AI Content, Plagiarism & Fix Grammar

    AI Essay Checker. Take your writing to the next level with our free AI Essay Checker. Refine your grammar, fix common spelling mistakes, and detect AI content and plagiarism all with the push of a button. Some words are easy to confuse, others have difficult spellings, and grammar can be a nightmare to perfect.

  7. AI Essay Checker

    AI Essay Checker is a free online tool designed to help students and professionals analyze their writing to create error-free and original essays. The platform uses advanced AI to detect AI-generated content, plagiarism, and grammatical errors, ensuring that your writing maintains its authenticity and academic integrity.

  8. Best AI Detector

    Tools called AI detectors are designed to label text as AI-generated or human. AI detectors work by looking for specific characteristics in the text, such as a low level of randomness in word choice and sentence length. These characteristics are typical of AI writing, allowing the detector to make a good guess at when text is AI-generated.

  9. AI Essay Checker and Evaluator: Elevate Your Writing with AI Precision

    Our AI tool employs a combination of algorithms to comprehensively assess your essays. It examines the clarity of your writing, the coherence of your arguments, and the originality of your content. It also evaluates grammar, style, and overall structure to provide you with a detailed analysis of your essay's quality, helping you understand its ...

  10. AI Proofreader

    The only AI-powered essay checker trained by the 2% best editors in the world. It will check your document for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and fix them in minutes. ... Long, complex sentences can make your writing hard to read. The AI Proofreader makes sure you express your ideas clearly. Passive voice

  11. AI Content Checker

    Our AI detector has repeatedly been shown to be the most accurate at detecting AI generated content by both our internal testing and 3rd party peer reviewed studies. Across all Large Language Models (LLMs) including Chat GPT, GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Bard, Llama 2, Claude 2 and even Baidu's Ernie we are able to detect AI generated text.

  12. Free Essay Checker

    Trinka is an AI-powered English grammar checker and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing. Trinka corrects contextual spelling mistakes and advanced grammar errors by providing writing suggestions in real-time. It helps professionals and academics ensure formal, concise, and engaging writing.

  13. Essay Checker: Free Online Paper Corrector

    The editing tool analyzes your text and highlights a variety of key writing issues, such as overused words, incohesive sentence structures, punctuation issues, repeated phrases, and inconsistencies. You don't need to drown your essay in words just to meet the word count. ProWritingAid's essay checker will help to make your words more effective.

  14. AI Essay Checker: Free Essay Detector By AcademicHelp

    Academichelp free AI Essay Checker provides a straightforward approach to AI detection. First, you need to register on our platform to create your account. Then, all you need is your document. Our tool supports the upload of various file types: from pdf to, DOC, as well as rtf and odt files. You can also just insert the text into the platform ...

  15. Free AI Detector

    Scribbr's AI and ChatGPT Detector confidently detects texts generated by the most popular tools, like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot. GPT2, GPT3, and GPT3.5 are detected with high accuracy, while the detection of GPT4 is supported on an experimental basis. Note that no AI Detector can provide complete accuracy ( see our research ).

  16. Use Our Free AI Detector, AI Checker, and ChatGPT Detector.

    The AI Detector, boasting a 98% accuracy rate, discerns whether your text is likely human or AI-generated, including from sources like ChatGPT, GPT4, Claude, and Bard. Our AI Checker is one of the most trusted in the industry. Be aware: AI-detected writing can influence search engine rankings, academic grading, and reader perceptions.

  17. GPTZero

    You can use GPTZero's Writing Reports to replay the student's writing process, and view signals that indicate the authenticity of the work. See if there is a history of AI-generated text in the student's work. We recommend looking for a long-term pattern of AI use, as opposed to a single instance, in order to determine whether the student is ...

  18. AI Detector, AI Checker, & AI Humanizer

    Instead of only being a ChatGPT detector, our tool integrates with both free and paid AI detectors. So, it will recognize text from GPT3, GPT4, Claude, Bard and any other AI writing tool. Experience the power of collective intelligence as our AI checker shows you how various other AI detectors perceive your text.

  19. Essay Checker: Free Essay Corrector and Paper Grader

    Work smart with EssayGPT's free essay checker. Here's how you can check piles and piles of papers in just three simple steps. Step 1: Copy and paste the text you want to check into the Essay to Check field. Step 2: Set the preferred language for the output. Step 3: Add instructions in Context and Additional Instructions or Comments for tailored ...

  20. Samwell

    Samwell AI is the smartest AI I've see, it helps to learn faster and have access to information in a second. No bullsit of you writing, this isn't the point anymore. Samwell provide the best references on the market, the longer essay too (up to 50 pages). Everything in a second and (finally) design friendly.

  21. AI Essay Checker: Free Tool for Teachers and Students

    To use our AI essay scanner, you don't need any special effort! Just copy the text you want to scan, paste it into the textbox, add the title or research question if you have one, and click "Scan". Our AI checker won't give you a definitive answer. For now, it will check the text you provided, implementing the color-coding system.