My Parents my Heroes

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Time has passed by, and now I’m 18 years old, still without seeing his face. Just with the memory when he left, still can remembering those sunny days that he would pick me up at my mom’s house and took me with him on the weekends. I feel blessed to have my dad in my life. I would be lying if I did not admit that I still cry, I struggle my entire middle school and my freshman year in high school.

My dad tried a couple times to come back, but of course, there was no luck. My dad lives in a small place, he’s alone, his only two kids are here in the United States (my older brother Ismael came back). He works every day, in the morning he works as a mechanic, and in the night as a taxi. My dad is a strong person, that he has always cared about his kids and that he always wanted the best for them. I became better at school and I became stronger as a person.

Now, I thank my dad and mom for bringing me to Chicago because of them, I got the opportunity to be at National Louis University and I enjoy being a part of their students. I fought a lot of personal demands in my path, but I won so far. My public language (English) became so much better and easier. As I get older it became easier for me to control my feelings and put aside my family problems to be better at school. I would be lying if I say nothing happened these years. This year my cousin got killed when he was coming to the United States by the people who were going to bring him. It was hard as well, but I control my feeling better and it was last summer, so I was not worrying so much about school. Although, I had a job and I talked to them and they understood me. I have a job that I enjoy! I think because of what I went through as a younger girl it affects me so much. It helps me to find out that my passion is to help other kids. I enjoy working with children’s and I see my career and future working as a Bilingual (Spanish) Elementary Teacher.

I owe so much to my dad the person who brought me to a better life, and this life helps me to become a stronger person because of what I went through. I owe even more to the person who has always been here at my side my mom. She has always worked hard for me and supporting in my school journey. I would never have the understanding of what it feels like to really need help, and thus, understand the importance of the people being there with you and that is capable of providing help for you. I owe to all the teachers that help me become a better student. My dad helps me to become, stronger, appreciated, caring and responsible. The world he bought me has introduced me to my highest aspirations and even my career goals. 


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