How much does a business plan cost?

entrepreneur assessing the cost of writing his business plan

You need a business plan and are wondering how much creating one costs? 

You’ve come to the right place: in this guide, we’ll look at the factors that influence the cost of a business plan. 

This will help you figure out exactly how much you should pay for a business plan software , writer, or even a template. So, let’s get started.

In this guide:

What are the factors that influence the cost of a business plan?

How much does a business plan software cost, how much does a business plan writer cost, how much does a business plan template cost.

  • The final verdict

First, let’s agree on the scope. In this guide we’ll look at the cost of putting together the business plan itself and exclude the costs associated with preparatory research. 

There are a number of things you need to do before you begin drafting your business plan: gathering data, assessing budget lines, and iterating on multiple scenarios to find the best strategy for your business. 

Needless to say, all of these things require both time and money. However, these tasks are performed before creating the business plan itself, and are therefore excluded from the scope of our guide.

Now that we know what we are solving for, let’s get to it. 

We will first look at the tasks that need to be completed to create the business plan, then we will look at tools that can be used to speed up the process, and finally at who can perform these tasks.

What jobs need to be done when drafting a business plan?

Fundamentally a business plan is composed of two main parts:

  • A financial forecast which highlights the business’ funding requirements, growth prospects, potential profitability and cash generation
  • A written presentation which presents the business operations and strategy in details, and provide the context needed to judge the quality of the forecast

Both of these parts are essential and contribute to the cost of creating the business plan. 

Let’s look at both of them in a bit more detail.

Creating the financial forecast for your business plan

A financial forecast helps assess the business’s viability. This section of a business plan contains at a minimum the following financial tables:

  • A cash flow statement - a document that details how money comes in and goes out of the business. 
  • A Profits and Loss (P&L) statement - a document that provides information about the expenses and revenues the business has generated over a given time period.
  • A balance sheet - a document that details the assets and liabilities of the business at any given point in time. 

There are two ways to create your forecast. You can either opt for that old fashioned spreadsheet method or use a financial forecasting software instead.

The main driver in terms of cost when it comes to creating your forecast is the complexity of your business. 

Modeling a simple brick and mortar business is relatively straightforward. Modeling a complex business organization with multiple processes (manufacturing, storage, distribution, etc.), lines of products and services, and locations or legal entities will require more work and, therefore, increase the cost.

Writing your business plan itself

The written part of a business plan is without any doubt the most time-consuming, and contributes to the cost of creating the plan.

The time required (and, therefore, cost) to draft your business plan will first be influenced by the size of your business. 

Your business plan includes valuable strategic and financial information. If your business has multiple locations or products and services, you’ll have more information to include. This means writing about the business as a whole will take longer, require more effort, and will increase the overall cost. 

Then comes the complexity of the industry your business operates in (or/and your business model). A business plan is argumentative and needs to demonstrate that there is a viable business opportunity to be seized by you on the market. 

To do this you’ll have to provide in-depth explanations backed by market research, so that your reader can understand:

  • What you sell
  • Who you sell to
  • Who you compete against
  • Whether the market is large enough and your business correctly positioned to compete effectively 

This is quite straightforward to do if your business operates in an industry your potential readers are familiar with. If your reader is unfamiliar with your niche, however, then you will need to do more explaining. 

Adding these details will help make sure your readers - investors or banks, usually - understand that a commercial opportunity is ripe to be seized on the local market. However, this will require time and will add to the cost. 

Justifying the amount of funding you need for your business is the last factor that can increase the cost of writing your business plan. A funding requirement of $10 million will need more explanation and convincing than that of $10,000. Needless to say that it’ll also take more time and effort. 

Now that we understand the factors that influence the cost of creating the document, let’s have a look at the tools which can be used to create a business plan.

What tools can be used to write a business plan?

There are two ways to put together a business plan: 

  • Using a spreadsheet and word processor

Using an all in one business plan software

Using a spreadsheet and a word processor.

Creating a business plan using a spreadsheet and a word processor was the way to go in the 1990s. 

However, this method is quickly falling out of fashion, and for good reasons: 

  • It’s incredibly long and needlessly complicated
  • It requires knowledge of accounting in order to create the forecast on a spreadsheets without making errors
  • Investors and banks are skeptical of figures modeled by entrepreneurs themselves on spreadsheets 
  • Formatting such a long document on a word processor takes time and effort

Nowadays, the way to go is to use an all in one business planning software.

Along with being affordable, using an online business plan software has numerous other benefits. 

Some of them include: 

Creating a financial forecast for your business plan without manual calculations

The financial forecast is the most technical part of the business plan. 

Working on this section without adequate knowledge of finance can lead to critical mistakes which endanger the business’s future. 

Making such a forecast using online business plan software enables you to de-risk the process as the calculations and accounting treatments are done for you by the software using best in class modeling assumptions.

Furthermore, good online business plan softwares, such as the one we offer at The Business Plan Shop , come equipped with scoring algorithms which help identify issues within a financial forecast (such as insufficient cash or inventory, for example). 

This ensures that your forecast is free of modeling errors, and provides reassurance to the readers that the numbers can be trusted. 

entrepreneur enquiring about the price of a business plan from a writer

Getting access to instructions and examples throughout the process  

As mentioned, creating a business plan is a complex process for those who’re not familiar with creating such documents. 

Using online business plan software allows you to have access to expert guidance as you write. 

This means your business plan will be effective and completed faster than with a word processor. 

Being able to use downloadable templates to create a business plan 

Good online business plan softwares, such as the one we offer at The Business Plan Shop, come with dozens of downloadable business plan templates you can use as inspiration to write your business plan. 

Being able to look at concrete examples of business plans helps avoid writer’s block and speed up the writing process, thereby reducing the overall cost of putting the plan together.

Saving time on formatting

Good online business plan softwares, such as the one we offer at The Business Plan Shop, also come with professionally designed themes and color schemes which enable you to quickly get a stunning document matching your brand colors, while delegating the bulk of the formatting to the software.

Software also automatically integrates your forecast into the document, saving hours of manual formatting compared to using word processors. 

done for you formatting helping reduce the cost of your business plan

Now that we understand what tools can be used, let’s have a look at the last factor that influences the cost of creating the business plan: the person writing the document.

Who’s writing the business plan?

No matter what tool you use, writing a business plan is time consuming and the cost per hour of the person doing the actual writing will have a serious impact on the overall cost.

Here you have two options: either do the writing in-house using your team’s time, or outsource it to a professional business plan writer .

Outsourcing is usually much more expensive than doing the writing in-house as you have to cover the writer’s time, software, marketing costs, and profit margin. But it frees your team’s time which can be used elsewhere.

Now that we’ve covered the factors that influence the overall cost of a business plan, let’s have a look at the concrete price of the most popular options.

Need a convincing business plan?

The Business Plan Shop makes it easy to create a financial forecast to assess the potential profitability of your projects, and write a business plan that’ll wow investors.

The Business Plan Shop's Business Plan Software

Using online software to create a business plan is undoubtedly the best approach, and you’ll probably end up paying for software anyway - whether you pay for software yourself or the software’s cost is included in your business plan writer’s fee.

There is a common misconception that business plan software might be quite expensive. However, that’s not the case with our online business plan software. 

As a publisher, The Business Plan Shop is committed to leveling-up the playing field between small businesses and large corporations by making our solution affordable to businesses of all sizes.  

You might think we’re a bit biased when it comes to talking about our own pricing. But you’re not bound to take our word for it: see our prices for yourself .

If you’re thinking of outsourcing the writing of your plan your next option will be to hire a business plan writer. 

However, you need to know that when you hire a writer to draft a business plan, the cost of the plan will depend on the factors we’ve mentioned earlier in this guide. 

In addition, the pricing structure for writing the business plan varies among writers: 

  • Hourly pricing - the writer charges a fixed hourly rate for their services. The hourly rate is multiplied by the hours they spend working on your business plan. 
  • Fixed pricing - in this structure, the writer will charge a fixed price based on creating a business plan. The price may depend on the length, level of details, and complexity of the document. 

While getting a fixed price is easier for budgeting purposes, you need to remember that you get what you pay for. 

Business plan writing is a for profit activity, which means that if the price seems low, then there is probably a catch. The writer might either be inexperienced (a business student for example), or take shortcuts and not spend enough time on your document, or the result might be incomplete (only include a P&L in your forecast for example).

If you are writing a business plan to secure funding, you also need to remember that investors want their money to be used to grow your business, not wasted on consulting fees. So the amount you spend on your business plan needs to be reasonable in relation to the amount of financing you are looking for.

For example, if you are trying to secure $100k and spend $10k on business plan writing services and $10k in legal costs, then you’ve wasted 20% of the capital you are trying to secure, which will not impress investors.

Finally you also need to remember that outsourcing your plan is not a completely hands-off process. You still need to provide the writer with the inputs and the research materials needed to write your plan.

You are the only one who knows: how your business operates, what strategic and commercial actions have been planned, and how much sales are expected, and what employees are paid.

So, while we are discussing the amount spent on the actual business plan writing fee, it’s not a total cost by any means, nor a like-for-like comparison with the cost of using software discussed above.

With that in mind, let's look at how much hiring a writer would actually cost. 

How much would a business plan writer cost per hour? 

The hourly rate for a business plan writer is usually around $100 to $300. This might not seem that much at first. However, you must understand that a minimum of 20 hours is usually required to create a business plan. 

So, if your business plan writer charges $100 per hour and works for 20 hours, you’ll pay $2,000 for the document. If they charge $300 per hour, you’ll pay $6,000. 

However, these are just for simple business plans. Depending on your business size and the complexity of your industry, the total price might end-up being much higher.

Another factor is the amount of revisions needed on your business plan. It’s quite common for your plan to require several updates as you gain more information on your market conditions and feedback from lenders and investors.

When you use hourly consultants these revisions can quickly add-up as you have to pay extra for them.

How much would fixed business plan writing services cost? 

When it comes to fixed pricing, the actual cost may vary from one writer to the other. 

However, the price is generally based on their years of experience, level of expertise, and the amount of work they put in. 

Packed-based pricing service might start around $2,000. However, you’ll only get basic-level business plans at such a price. 

If you need a complex business plan with in-depth market analysis, detailed plans about business operations, and three to five years of financial projections. Package services offering such business plans might cost as much as $30,000. 

Considering these prices, it’s safe to say that you should only opt for this approach if you aim to secure a significant amount of funding. 

If you’re in the starting phases of your business, it is better to use online business plan software instead. The money you spend hiring a writer can be used for other business operations such as marketing and product development. 

Need inspiration for your business plan?

The Business Plan Shop has dozens of business plan templates that you can use to get a clear idea of what a complete business plan looks like.

The Business Plan Shop's Business Plan Templates

The last alternative to write your business plan at a low cost is to use an Excel and Word business plan template.

Most people often think a business plan template will not cost anything at all. They’re right to a certain extent. 

You can find loads of free business plan templates on the internet, but here also: you get what you pay for. These free templates are usually either: very basic, not properly maintained and outdated, or prepared by unknown “experts” who don’t seem to grasp the basic principles of accounting.

The cost of some business plan templates might go to $300. These templates are more detailed. In addition, some of these paid templates might even have visual aesthetics making them more presentable. 

Before you opt for this approach, you need to understand that these are just templates. This means they’ll provide you with a structure and format. However, you’ll still have to do all the work yourself. 

In comparison to using online business plan software, templates are more expensive and extremely low value for money. Furthermore, using a template still requires you to have a certain level of expertise and is an approach that’s not free from error. 

The final verdict 

When it comes to creating a business plan, you have three options: online software, a business plan writer, or templates. 

Professional software usually offers the best return on investment. Templates are low value for money and should be avoided. And writers can be worth it, if you intend on raising a significant amount of capital. 

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Guillaume Le Brouster

Founder & CEO at The Business Plan Shop Ltd

Guillaume Le Brouster is a seasoned entrepreneur and financier.

Guillaume has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade and has first-hand experience of starting, running, and growing a successful business.

Prior to being a business owner, Guillaume worked in investment banking and private equity, where he spent most of his time creating complex financial forecasts, writing business plans, and analysing financial statements to make financing and investment decisions.

Guillaume holds a Master's Degree in Finance from ESCP Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Business & Management from Paris Dauphine University.

Published on 13 Feb 2023 , last update on 05 Jul 2023 , as per our editorial standards .

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How Much Does a Business Plan Cost?

  • Written By Dave Lavinsky

business plan writing services costs

A complete business plan helps you to identify your business goals and how you plan on reaching them. Whether you are a new business owner or an experienced entrepreneur, writing a comprehensive business plan can help you start, grow, and/or attract investors to fund your business.  

How Much Does It Cost to Write a Business Plan ?

Business plan pricing depends on what route you take to create it. However, there are a few essential elements that are common to all business plans:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Operations Plan
  • Management Team
  • Financial Plan

There are several ways to approach writing a successful business plan, but the cost of each way varies widely. The cost of a business plan can be a significant investment, but it’s an essential tool for any business. Below we provide some tips for what to consider and the costs for the various methods of completing your own business plan.  

Considerations When Writing Your Own Business Plans

There are several things to consider when writing your own plan. Depending on whether you’re in need of funding and how much, the costs for your business plan will be different.

Take into account:

  • How long will your business plan be?
  • How many hours does it take to complete the business plan?
  • What kind of language is used in the business plan?
  • Who will use the business plan?
  • Who will fund your business?
  • How much are you looking to raise or if you need funding at all?

According to our business consultants’ surveys of investor requirements, a 15- to 25-page business plan is the ideal length. Adding more pages may cause your time-constrained investor to skim portions of the plan, even if they are interested, which might result in important information being overlooked. However, fewer pages may lead potential investors to believe that the firm has not been thoroughly thought out or simply doesn’t have enough information for them to make an investment decision.  

Business Plan Template Costs

There are a variety of business plan templates online that you can purchase for a one-time fee. These templates range in price but usually start at around $100. Remember, a bargain business plan template may not include all the information that you need, so it’s important to understand what is included with the template you purchase.

Many of these templates also come with instructions to help you fill in the template and make changes as needed. However, if there is something you want to be changed on the template, it may take time and money to have it done.

Be sure to do your research and find the right template for your business. The wrong template could set you back even further and change the face of your business entirely. If you purchase a professional business plan template, make sure it’s from a reputable business plan company with business plan writing skills   in a variety of industries.

The business plan template should be easily editable and customized for your specific business needs and industry trends.

If you do not want to pay for a template, there are companies that will charge by the page and some that offer free resources . However, these templates may not have been professional business plans written for your exact type of business.  

Experienced Consultants & Business Plan Writers Cost

Hiring a business plan writer or professional writing service will help you get a comprehensive business plan written just for your business. A professional business plan consultant will help you identify your goals and how your company will reach these goals. A business plan consultant fee usually costs more but can be worth it if you do not have the time or resources to complete the business plan yourself.

A business plan writer can be found through online directories, but be sure to do your research prior to engaging in business with them. Be sure to ask for references and read reviews before hiring a business plan writing service.

If you choose to hire a business plan consultant, the complexity and length of the plan will determine how much is a business plan. Generally, a consulting firm or private consultants charge between $1,000 and $5,000 to have a comprehensive business plan written . However, a lengthy and complex plan can easily start at a few thousand dollars and stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars based on the needs of the business.

Some experienced business plan writing services also offer package deals that include additional services, such as market research, a marketing plan, and realistic financial projections.

Business Plan Software Costs

There are business plan software applications that can be used for free or have a monthly subscription cost, which may work better for your needs depending on what you need in a business plan. These apps provide templates and make writing a business plan and business planning easier. They help organize the information you enter into the app and will sometimes offer advice on how to do things like financial projections for your business plan .

The information that you put into the application can be used for several different types of business plan needs. These apps are great for startups and small businesses looking to raise capital or secure funding.

Each app or software varies in what it offers. Some are more customizable than others, some have more options for presenting your business plan, and some even offer investment opportunities. With just your business idea, the business planning software can help you write your own business plan quickly and easily. 

Write Your Own Business Plan from Scratch

If you do not want to purchase a template or use software, the easiest and most cost-effective way is to write a business plan from scratch. This route takes time and effort to complete but can be done by anyone willing to put in the work.

When writing your business plan documents, remember that they should be as detailed as possible. This document is your guide to starting and running your business. The more complete it is, the better off you’ll be.

There are a variety of free resources available online to help you write a business plan, including articles, templates, and even video courses.

When writing a business plan from scratch, it’s important to consider all of your business aspects. This includes your business concept or business model , management, production, market research , sales strategies , customer service, operations, human resources, financial projections , and more.

Try to be as thorough as possible when writing the plan. While the task may seem daunting at first, you’ll find that putting together a business plan is not so bad once you get started. After all, if you can dream it, you can write it.

The cost of writing a b usiness plan is dependent on the purpose, type, and length of the business plan. The amount of time it takes to complete a  business plan , the language used, and who will be using the document also play a factor in the cost. You can find templates for a one-time fee or pay by the page, hire a business plan writing service or a business plan writer , contact a consulting firm , or use software/apps to create your business plan. Whichever option you choose, make sure you do your research, conduct an in-depth business plan review, and find the best resource to meet the goals for your business.  

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Business Startup Costs: It’s in the Details

business planning kosten

There's more to a business than furnishings and office space. Especially in the early stages, startup costs require careful planning and meticulous accounting. Many new businesses neglect this process , relying instead on a flood of customers to keep the operation afloat, usually with abysmal results.

Key Takeaways

  • Startup costs are the expenses incurred during the process of creating a new business. 
  • Pre-opening startup costs include a business plan, research expenses, borrowing costs, and expenses for technology.
  • Post-opening startup costs include advertising, promotion, and employee expenses.
  • Different types of business structures—like sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations—have different startup costs, so be aware of the different costs associated with your new business.

Startup costs are the expenses incurred during the process of creating a new business. All businesses are different, so they require different types of startup costs. Online businesses have different needs than brick-and-mortars ; coffee shops have different requirements than bookstores. However, a few expenses are common to most business types.

Understanding Common Business Startup Costs

The business plan.

Essential to the startup effort is creating a business plan —a detailed map of the new business. A business plan forces consideration of the different startup costs. Underestimating expenses falsely increases expected net profit, a situation that does not bode well for any small business owner.

Research Expenses

Careful research of the industry and consumer makeup must be conducted before starting a business. Some business owners choose to hire market research firms to aid them in the assessment process.

For business owners who choose to follow this route, the expense of hiring these experts must be included in the business plan.

Borrowing Costs

Starting up any kind of business requires an infusion of capital. There are two ways to acquire capital for a business: equity financing and debt financing. Usually, equity financing entails the issuance of stock, but this does not apply to most small businesses, which are proprietorships.

For small business owners, the most likely source of financing is debt in the form of a small business loan . Business owners can often get loans from banks, savings institutions, and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Like any other loan, SBA business loans are accompanied by interest payments. These payments must be planned for when starting a business, as the cost of default is very high.

Insurance, License, and Permit Fees

Many businesses are expected to submit to health inspections and authorizations to obtain certain business licenses and permits. Some businesses might require basic licenses while others need industry-specific permits.

Carrying insurance to cover your employees, customers, business assets, and yourself can help protect your personal assets from any liabilities  that may arise. 

Technological Expenses

Technological expenses include the cost of a website, information systems, and software, including accounting and point of sale (POS) software , for a business. Some small business owners choose to outsource these functions to other companies to save on payroll and benefits.

Equipment and Supplies

Every business requires some form of equipment and basic supplies. Before adding equipment expenses to the list of startup costs, a decision has to be made to lease or buy.

The state of your finances will play a major part in this decision. Even if you have enough money to buy equipment, unavoidable expenses may make leasing, with the intention to buy at a later date, a viable option. However, it is important to remember that, regardless of the cash position , a lease may not always be best, depending upon the type of equipment and terms of the lease.

Advertising and Promotion

A new company or startup business is unlikely to succeed without promoting itself. However, promoting a business entails much more than placing ads in a local newspaper.

It also includes marketing —everything a company does to attract clients to the business. Marketing has become such a science that any advantage is beneficial, so external dedicated marketing companies are most often hired.

Employee Expenses

Businesses planning to hire employees must plan for wages, salaries, and benefits, also known as the cost of labor .

Failure to compensate employees adequately can end in low morale, mutiny, and bad publicity, all of which can be disastrous to a company.

Additional Startup Cost Considerations

Have some extra money set aside for any overlooked or unexpected expenses. Most companies fail because they lack the cash to deal with unexpected problems during the business season.

It is important to note that the startup costs for a sole proprietorship differ from the startup costs for a partnership or corporation. Some additional costs a partnership might incur include the legal cost of drafting a partnership agreement and state registration fees.

Other costs that may apply more to a corporation include fees for filing articles of incorporation, bylaws, and terms of original stock certificates.

Launching a new business can be invigorating. However, getting caught up in the excitement and neglecting the details can lead to failure. Above anything else, observe and consult with others who have traveled this road before—you never know where you might learn the business advice that helps your particular business succeed.

U.S. Small Business Administration. " Fund Your Business ."

U.S. Small Business Administration. " Loans ."

U.S. Small Business Administration. " Apply For Licenses and Permits ."

U.S. Small Business Administration. " Choose a Business Structure ."

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Die Kosten einer Businessplanerstellung

Die Kosten zur Erstellung eines Businessplans gehen zwischen verschiedenen Anbietern zum Teil weit auseinander und schwanken bei den meisten Gründungen typischerweise zwischen 600-800,- Euro bei einfachen Modellen bis 1.000-1.500,- Euro im Schnitt bei den meisten typischen mittelgroßen Gründungen. Hochkomplexe Pläne müssen individuell kalkuliert werden, können aber mehrere Tausend Euro kosten. Wichtig vorwegzunehmen: Viele unserer Wettbewerber nehmen übrigens grundsätzlich 3.000-4.000 Euro einfach weil ein professioneller Businessplan viele Tausend Euro Finanzierung/Förderung bringen kann. Wundern Sie sich daher nach Rücksprachen mit anderen Businessplan Beratungen nicht über unsere ausdifferenzierte Preisfindung, da wir bei BrainHive rein nach dem Komplexitätsgrad den Aufwand für unsere Gründer berechnen.

Sie möchten wissen, was genau BrainHive Businesspläne auch und gerade im Bereich Preisfindung von den Mitbewerbern unterscheidet? Wir haben für Sie in folgendem Blogbeitrag zum Thema "Orientierung im Businessplan-Dschungel"  zusammengefasst, warum BrainHive gegenüber anderen Optionen immer die bessere Wahl ist.

Angebot kalkulieren

Erfahren Sie in diesem Artikel:

► Preisliste Businessplan Services von BrainHive ► Die Hauptfaktoren, welche die Businessplan-Kosten bestimmen ► Faktoren, welche die Businessplanerstellung leichter machen ► Vergleichstabelle: Selbst schreiben vs. schreiben lassen ► Ablauf einer Businessplanerstellung ► Checkliste:  Was wir von Ihnen benötigen

Kosten der Businessplanerstellung (BrainHive Qualität)

Die BrainHive Businessplanberatung vereint als professioneller Businessplan-Service alle Faktoren für ein extrem gutes Preisleistungsverhältnis. Wir verwenden keine Software, kein Copypaste und nur zu maximal 20% Vorlagentexte. Dadurch ist jeder Plan einzigartig und vollständig auf Ihren Business Case zugeschnitten. 

Aufgrund extensiver Datenbanken, spezialisiertem Know-How fähiger Analysten, mehrjähriger Erfahrung und Sitz in London und München kann beste Qualität bei zugleich attraktiven Preisen und deutscher Rechtssicherheit geboten werden. Die Kosten, durch uns den Businessplan erstellen zu lassen, sind im bundesweiten Wettbewerbsvergleich extrem gründerfreundlich. Dank unserer transparenten Servicepakete sind Sie immer auf der sicheren Seite. Egal welchen Umfang Sie benötigen- bei BrainHive bekommen Sie den ideal auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnittenen Plan (Sie können uns übrigens auch nur den Finanzplan erstellen lassen ).

Nach oben Angebot kalkulieren

Uns ist bekannt, dass es auch Dienstleister gibt, die Businesspläne für 450,- Euro und weniger erstellen. Wir müssen aber mit Blick auf den hohen Arbeitsaufwand (siehe unseren Leitfaden zum Thema "Was gehört in einen Businessplan" ), der notwendigen Geschäftserfahrung und der Vielzahl an zur Erstellung wirklich exzellenter Businesspläne notwendigen Fähigkeiten davon abraten, solche Angebote in Erwägung zu ziehen. Meistens handelt es sich bei diesen Angeboten um stark Software- oder Musterplan-basiertes, austauschbares Stückwerk, welches Sie nicht weiterbringt. Wir sind bereits mit unseren Workflow-Prozessen und engen Kalkulationen am absoluten Preisminimum, welches für einen guten Plan benötigt wird, alles was darunterliegt wird in der Regel nicht ausreichen, Behörden und Investoren zu überzeugen. Im nachfolgenden Interview erfahren Sie mehr darüber, warum ein guter Businessplan einen gewissen Preis nicht unterschreiten kann.

Im nachfolgenden Interview: Businessplan erstellen lassen Kosten - Was kostet ein Businessplan?

Folgende Faktoren beeinflussen unter anderem den Businessplan-Preis:

  • Die Wahl des Dienstleisters (Steuerberater, Anwälte, Wirtschaftsprüfer- oder eben ein spezialisierter Businessplan-Service)
  • Ihre Qualitätserwartungen (Professionell, Semi-Professionell oder simpel- hängt davon ab, wem der Businessplan vorgelegt werden muss)
  • Der Schwierigkeitsgrad Ihres Businessplans (Anzahl/Art Geschäftsgegenstände, Fortführung/Turn-Around vs. Neugründung, Kapitalisierung, Standort/Einzugsgebiet etc.)
  • Spezielle Anforderungen , etwa an den Planungshorizont (z.B. 3 vs. 5 Jahre) oder den schriftlichen Teil (zusätzliche Bestandteile, besondere Analysemethoden)
  • Umfang der erwarteten Zusatzberatung: Gründercoaching, Kalkulationsberatung, Marketingberatung etc.

Im nachfolgenden Interview: Schwierigkeitsbeurteilung Businessplan – nach welchem Schema klassifiziert BrainHive den Schwierigkeitsgrad eines Businessplans?

PS: Unsere Firma hat zum Jahresauftakt 2019 ein professionelles Coaching/Retreat Spektrum aufgelegt, welches für junge Unternehmer gleichwohl eine wertvolle Quelle für Inspiration ist wie für erfahrene Profis und Balance-Suchende. Genießen Sie unsere Webseiten im Bereich Firmenführungs- Mentoring , Lean Startup Tutor ,  Leadership Coaching , Geschäftskonzept Mentoring, Finanz Training , Spiritueller Training und werfen Sie auch einen Blick auf unsere Startup Retreat Angebote . Sie werden neugierig sein, was BrainHive für Sie in unseren Projekten unter einem Dach vereint.

Businessplan Kosten reduzieren mit den richtigen Werkzeugen

Bei BrainHive sind die Businessplan-Kosten geringer als bei ca. 70% der anderen Anbietern, von denen viele weniger spezialisiert sind (etwa jene Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsanwälte/-prüfer etc.). Wir sparen Kosten durch:

  • Umfassendes Recherche- Wissen (wenn die benötigten Informationen nicht sowieso schon in unseren Datenbanken sind)
  • Anwendung moderner Diktiersoftware
  • Vielfach einsetzbare spezielle Vorlagen/Excel-Formelwerke , die je nach Standort und Geschäftsmodell in verschiedenem Umfang genutzt werden
  • Gute Organisation auf allen Ebenen der Leistungserfüllung, ohne dass die persönliche Betreuung zu kurz kommt

Vergleichstabelle: Qualitätsaspekte der Businessplanerstellung

Wenn Sie einen Businessplan erstellen lassen möchten oder die Erstellung mit Businessplan-Software in Erwägung ziehen, ist die folgende Tabelle für Sie nützlich, damit Sie wissen, welche Faktoren bei der Betrachtung der verschiedenen Angebotsmöglichkeiten eine Rolle spielen können.

Nach oben Briefing anfordern Angebot kalkulieren

  • Für Individuelle Businesspläne nach Maß und Ziel.
  • Über 500 Pläne - Über 80 Branchen - Über 120 Mio. summierter Kapitalbedarf
  • Vom Businessplan zum Pitchdeck zum Pitchvideo: So gewinnt man Investoren.

Ein kurzer Hinweis: In unserer Wissensbasis finden Sie Informationen in den Bereichen Businessplanerstellung gemäß Regionen , Geschäftsplanung für Bereichen , außerdem Gründungskonzept-Vorlagen , Finanzierungskonzept-Muster und Existenzgründungsberatung-Publikationen: Bspw. ein Strategiepapier zur Ausformulierung der Marketingplan im Businessplan und anderer Geschäftsplanerstellung-Komponenten , einen Buyers’Guide für IT-Dienstleistungen für Gründungsunternehmen , eine Charakterbeschreibung der Gründerpersönlichkeit und viele weitere Informationen. Klicken Sie vielleicht kurz rein. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihren Besuch.

Businessplan erstellen lassen: Kosten für Flatrate-Businesspläne und individuelle Projekte

Je nachdem, wie komplex ihr Projekt ist und wie hoch die Anforderungen an den Businessplan (die Ausländerbehörde hat zum Beispiel andere Qualitätsrichtlinien als die Commerzbank bei der Vergabe von Gründungsdarlehen , und diese wiederum unterscheiden sich von jenen der KfW) können Sie bei uns zwischen vier Paketangeboten wählen, in denen jeweils alles enthalten ist, was Sie brauchen. Falls aufgrund der Komplexität Ihres Businessplans zusätzliche Leistungen notwendig sind oder Sie sonstige Business-Ghostwriting Leistungen benötigen, sprechen Sie mit uns. Sie finden hier eine Übersicht über weitere Leistungen, die wir entweder im Zusammenhang mit Businessplänen oder bei sonstigen Projekten Ihnen gerne anbieten können.

Unter bestimmten Umständen geben wir Rabatte auf unsere Leistungen, etwa bei Gründungen von Unternehmen mit gemeinnützigen Charakter, bei studentischen Gründen / jungen Gründern oder bei langfristigen Kooperationen mit anderen Unternehmensberatungen, die eine bestimmte Menge von Plänen jeden Monat in Auftrag geben. Kommen Sie auf uns zu. Auch haben Sie die Möglichkeit, bei besonders dringend benötigten Businessplänen einen Expresstarif in Anspruch zu nehmen.

Businessplan erstellen lassen: Ablauf & Dauer

1. Der Kunde schickt BrainHive eine Auftragsmail, welche die Eckdaten Ihres geplanten Geschäftsmodells enthält (Branche, Kapitalisierung, Rechtsform u.a.).

2. Wir nennen unsere Einschätzung zum Schwierigkeitsgrad des Businessplanes gemäß unserer Preistabelle und schicken Ihnen ein Angebot, unsere AGB sowie eine Anzahlungsrechnung. Sie leisten eine 60%-Anzahlung auf den geschätzten Auftragswert und erhalten eine Auftragsbestätigung. Gegebenenfalls füllen Sie bei komplexeren Businessplänen einen speziellen Businessplan-Fragebogen aus (z.B. für größer angelegte Markteinführungen oder technische Startups) oder übersenden die Zusatzinformationen (z.B. Konzeptpapiere, Preislisten, Produktinformationen etc.).

3. Wir erstellen Ihren Businessplan innerhalb von 4-21 Tagen, je nach Komplexität und benötigter Informationen.

4. Sie erhalten die fertigen Entwürfe des schriftlichen Teils wie auch den finanziellen Teils des Finanzplans zunächst als kopiergeschützte PDF-Datei. Nach eventuellen Rücksprachen und Änderungswünschen überweisen Sie den Restbetrag und erhalten dann die offene Arbeitsdatei des schriftlichen Teils in Word. Falls Sie auch einen offenen Excel-Finanzplan wünschen, ist außerhalb der Hauptpakete REGULAR, COMPLEX & ENTERPRISE eine Lizenzgebühr i.H.v. 107,- Euro zu entrichten, da unser professionell programmierte Finanzplan umfassende Möglichkeiten zur Kalkulation verschiedener Szenarien gibt und daher ein echter Zusatzwert ist, den andere Businessplan-Beratungsunternehmen sich oftmals mehrere hundert Euro kosten lassen, falls sie ihn überhaupt herausgeben.

Im nachfolgenden Interview: Dauer der Businessplanerstellung – wie lange ist die Bearbeitungsdauer der Businessplanerstellung?

Checkliste benötigter Dokumente

Wir freuen uns, dass Sie eine Businessplanerstellung mit BrainHive in Erwägung ziehen. Um Ihre Beauftragung besser vorbereiten zu können, erfahren Sie hier, welche Dokumente, Informationen und Unterlagen wir von Ihnen benötigen. Gerne können Sie auch einfach eine Mail schicken oder unter 06192 7034153 anrufen- wir beraten Sie auch telefonisch, gerade wenn es bei Ihnen dringend ist.

Unser Paketangebot im Bereich Businessplanservice ist im deutschen Raum einmalig.  Qualitatives Expertenwissen und größtmögliche Professionalität bieten wir zu Preisen, bei denen die meisten Unternehmens-beratungen sich umschauen. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf und prüfen Sie für sich selbst, mit welcher Motivation wir antreten.

Im nachfolgenden Interview: Ablauf der Businessplanerstellung.

Im nachfolgenden Interview: Benötigte Unterlagen für die Businessplanerstellung.


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  • Harald Wolf Händler "...sehr schnell, extrem hoch." Qualität der Texte
  • Matthew Jiovanni Erfinder "...Service war wert." jeden Penny
  • Tom Hilgardner Coach "...nützlicher Rat, zu verbessern." mein Business
  • Jürgen Siebert Händler "...hohe Motivation, gute Kenntnisse." transparente Arbeitsweise,
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BrainHive- Professionelle Businessplanerstellung seit über 10 Jahren. Hunderte Businesspläne, Publikationen in inländischen und internationalen Medien, ein erstklassiges Team erfahrener Berater. Egal ob große, kleine, traditionelle oder innovative Projekte: Wir unterstützen Sie kompetent & freundlich bei der Erstellung von Businessplänen aller Art.

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